Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 22

I'm Okay, But You're Not

Aired Unknown Jun 01, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Beau points out how someone wrote bad stuff about Woodman and offers to paint over it. When he gets to the office, he gives Julie the student evaluation forms to file. When she has to leave, Arnold watches the office for her. The other boys come in looking for off-campus passes and find the files. They all read them despite them supposedly being not available to the students. Freddie, Juan and Arnold all have bad ones but Beau's is glowing. The others all call Beau a phony. He confesses to Julie how that all his sayings and his talking about his father is all an act; that he's been shuttled off to so many schools, he doesn't know who he is. Julie tells him that Woodman could help him, and this gives him an idea: to finagle Woodman's pants on the pretense of cleaning them after he spills coffee on them, then running them up the flagpole while pulling the fire alarm. Woodman, who has been tired from school board meetings, is napping in his office and thinks the fire alarm is the phone. Julie tells him it's the fire alarm, but he can't leave the building without his pants. He finds a kilt and comes out to see his pants flying from the flagpole. Beau tells him he did it, but Woodman thinks that he is covering up for the other Sweathogs. This only serves to make them angrier with Beau. Woodman gives the boys each a week of detention, but Beau convinces him that he did it. When he quotes his student evaluation file, Woodman realizes he read it. He says that he could forgive the pants prank, since it was not the first time it happened, but not the reading of the file, so he gives Beau all three weeks of detention. He then says Beau will never pull another prank on him, but as he leaves, he takes his briefcase, which has the bottom taken out of it. Three weeks later, Beau is painting the outside of the school, and then he will be done with his detention. Arnold says that the week before, Woodman made Beau mow the football field during a game. The other boys sit on a nearby bench to wait, but Beau tells them he had just painted it.

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