Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 21

Oo-Oo, I Do (2)

Aired Unknown May 25, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Highlights of Part One are shown: Arnold and Mary working together; his realizing they are going steady; Woodman's telling him his mother wants him to move to Atlantic City; and his proposing to Mary. The Sweathogs use Vinnie's apartment for Arnold's bachelor party. Beau uses a pot for the punch, cherry cola. But it has the taste of leftover garlic and spaghetti sauce. Juan dresses up as a stripper and dances for Arnold. The boys make fun of Arnold's ability to provide for Mary. Gabe and Julie can't believe about Juan dressing up as a woman. Woodman cracks that when Arnold and Mary have a baby, it would be the first Horshack born in captivity. Mary tells the boys that Arnold has run away and left a note for her saying he will be back when he can provide for her. After school, the boys look for Arnold: Juan goes to a military recruiting office and Freddie goes to a construction site that has a 'Men wanted' sign. They go to these places because they see a paper open to a page with these things on it, but Mary sees another thing and knows where he went. She finds him at a movie theater seeing Wuthering Heights. He tells her that the boys were right, that he can't take care of her. She tells him he doesn't need to do that, that they will handle marriage together. The boys tell her that they will throw them a big wedding. It is held at the store where they were working. Woodman says he loves freak shows. Juan brings flowers from everywhere, even a wreath that says, 'So long, Rocky.' Gabe tells Arnold that he doesn't usually believe in teenage marriages, but he does believe in love and that he and Mary are in love with each other. A one-man band not only provides the music, but is also the minister. When he asks for the ring, everyone realizes there is none, so Gabe, with Julie's blessing. gives Arnold his wedding band. It's too big for her finger, so Arnold puts it on her thumb. The minister declares them husband and wife, and they kiss. Arnold tells Mary that they are together forever. Mary agrees, and so do Freddie, Beau, and Juan. Juan then asks, 'What's for dinner?'

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