Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 23

The Breadwinners

Aired Unknown Jun 08, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Epstein is dressed up for a job interview. Everyone is shocked to see him, especially Woodman. When he finds out about the interview, Woodman asks who could get him one, and Arnold tells him it was his niece, Kelly. Freddie and Juan go to the Fat-Away Health Spa, where they meet Samson Malone, the owner. He's impressed with Freddie and thinks he could be a boxer. Kelly comes over and they go to find out about the job. Freddie stays behind and meets Mrs. Gladstone Trevor-Smythe. She takes a shine to Freddie and offers him a job at the antique store she owns. He starts the next day. Juan, who missed Mrs. Trevor-Smythe the day before, comes in to interview only to find out it was already taken--by Freddie. He gets upset and leaves. Later, Gabe comes in to talk to Freddie. He tells Freddie he asked Mrs. Trevor-Smythe to fire him and hire Juan but she refused. Gabe tells him to talk to Juan again. Arnold and Mary have a dinner as a housewarming party for their apartment. They invite everyone, but don't tell Juan or Freddie that they have invited the other. Beau brings food, including shoo-fly pie, which Arnold is not sure about. Freddie brings an old incense burner. Juan brings an old Los Angeles bus sign but when he sees Freddie he tries to leave. Kelly tries to get them to talk but Juan keeps bad-mouthing him. She suggests they go to the spa and have a fight, so they can get it settled. The fight does not go as planned; they trip over the equipment, can't lift the weights or pull the pulley machine. They both wind up on the floor in an arm wrestling match before laughing and forgiving each other. Samson comes in to patch up the combatants and offer Juan a job at the health spa.