Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 19

The Gang Show

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Beau and Arnold tell Freddie and Arnold that the football team is fighting each other, because someone(they don't know who) put itching powder in their sweat suits. Freddie and Juan say they have to rehearse for the annual Buchanan High talent contest. Arnold tries to talk them out of it because their act last year was so bad, the scenery came ahead of them. When Woodman hears about this, he says that is good news. Arnold tells him they barely got out last year with their lives; Woodman says this year he's sealing the exits. Mrs. Tremaine is upset with him that she has to organize the show because the 'talent' is lacking, but Woodman refuses to let her out of it. He says he loves the people throwing garbage and booing. Later, she sees some of the 'acts' Freddie and Juan. But when Carvelli and Murray come in, Juan says he refuses to audition while he is there. Carvelli leaves instead. Later, He tells Arnold and Beau that he has Murray and two other friends as the judges so he can win. Arnold and Beau volunteer to be alternate judges. Then they get the two friends of Carvelli in trouble by telling the football team they were the ones who put the itching powder in their sweat suits. So Beau and Arnold wind up as judges with Murray. In the show, the audience shower each act with food and boos, despite Mrs. Tremaine's please to see them as human. Juan and Freddie do a mind-reading act called Medium and Rare. Juan is blindfolded and tries to guess what people have on, but Freddie prompts him with clues, even though Juan sometimes does not realize this. Freddie complains that they did better in rehearsal and Juan says he didn't have to wear a blindfold. Carvelli is the last act, which is combination of comedy and songs. The comedy gets the food(even from Beau and Arnold; when it comes in, he said he ordered soup), but they like the songs, clapping along(at one point he tells them they are throwing him off). The votes are announced: One for Carvelli and one for the Sweathogs. Juan and Freddie come out to accept the trophy, but the final vote is announced for Carvell; they back out slowly. Juan and Freddie ask Arnold and Beau what happened, and Arnold says they stunk. Murray says he was the one who voted for him because he thought Juan was really good. Later, Mrs. Tremaine says she was proud of Arnold and Beau for first sticking up for their friends, and then being honest with them. Woodman says the show was too short because he still has four rotten eggs left. Juan says he wants to do the same act next year, that the blindfold protected his eyes from the tomatoes. Freddie says they should have done the act from the previous year, a dance. Arnold tells Mrs. Tremaine it was called the 'Hustle Bustle Rustle Bump Lump Grind Rock Sock Lock and Boogie;' she says it sounds like something that happens to her car. Juan says they should give an example, so he and Freddie get on either side of Woodman. When they each give him a bump with their hips, they break the rotten eggs in Woodman's pocket.