Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 1 Episode 15

The Sit-In

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1976 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Mr. Woodman's contract is coming up for renewal, the Sweathogs circulate a petition to have Gabe become vice-principal instead. Woodman tries to be nice to the Sweathogs to get them to drop the petition, but they refuse. However, Gabe tells Woodman he isn't interested in being vice-principal. When Woodman refuses to believe that and provokes Gabe by telling him he doesn't have the guts to try, Gabe decides to try. However, Gabe dreams he is in the year 2050 where Vinnie and Freddy are very old and still in the class, while Horshack is their teacher. Epstein is a jester to his highness and king, Vice- Principal Kotter. Gabe comes in his king outfit and taunts the Sweathogs, telling how he exiled Woodman. In his dream, Gabe learns of a plot to overthrow him led by Julie. Only Gabe's two daughters Robin and Rachel stick up for him. In his dream, an Oriental keeps showing up for the "Fairchild Wedding". After he wakes up, Gabe decides he doesn't want to let power corrupt him. Back at school, even though more than half of the school body signed Gabe's petition (1407 signatures, not including forgeries), the Sweathogs find out they missed the deadline and Mr. Woodman's contract was renewed. Mr. Jan, the head of the schoolboard drops by, and it is the Oriental from the dream.
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