Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 1 Episode 15

The Sit-In

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1976 on ABC



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    • Horshack: Oh, oh, oh!!
      Kotter: Arnold, Arnold! It's much too early in the morning to "oh, oh"!

    • Vinnie: I got my own idea of what God is like: I know he's a sharp dresser, and he's good-looking, and of course he's Italian.
      Freddie: Yeah? Well, if you ask me, all that stuff about harps is a lot of jive. God is backed up by a jazz rhythm section. He got a piano, a bass guitar, and a drummer with a good right foot.

    • Vernajean: God can do anything.
      Freddy: He can?
      Vernajean: She can.

    • (Arnold freaks out because the lights are out)
      Arnold: I would have been okay if I had my teddy.
      Gabe: Well, you can't have your teddy.
      Arnold: Then how about have Mrs. Kotter?
      Gabe: You can't have my teddy, either.

    • (on the realization that they won't be eating until the sit-in is over)
      Gabe: It's not that hard. People have gone without food for days.
      Vinnie: And died right after!

    • Kotter: I'm warning you, Mr. Woodman, we are committed!
      Mr. Woodman: Well, if you aren't committed, Kotter, you oughta be! Ha, ha! I am really becoming a funny guy!

    • Kotter: It didn't stop Bonzo Moretti. Who, you ask, was Bonzo Moretti?
      Horshack: No, I don't ask
      that... do you ask that?

    • Gabe: Hello, Arnold. Haven't you noticed you're wearing a green plastic bag?
      Arnold: I'm disguised as a green bean.
      Gabe: (in deep voice) Ho, ho, ho...and how are things in the valley, Little Sprout?
      Arnold: (in high-pitched voice) Fine and dandy, Jolly Green Giant! How's your niblets?

    • Gabe: Mr. Woodman, let me handle this, okay?
      Woodman: Well, you'd better, Kotter, because if you don't, I won't even let you collect unemployment. I'll tell them you never worked here!

    • Vinnie: Now I lay me down to sleep, Arnold Horshack at my feet.

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