Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 18

The Sweat Smell of Success

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1979 on ABC

Episode Recap

Arnold delivers copies of the school paper, the Buchanan Bugle, of which his girlfriend Mary is the editor. After giving one to each person in his class, Freddie takes them and puts them in a trash can. Juan has another bad incident with the projector, so Woodman removes him as the school projectionist and puts him on the paper. After class, they tell Juan the paper is too dull. Carvelli brings out a tabloid with sensational headlines. Later, he tells Mary that the Bugle is going to have sensational stories, using an example of Julie calling Woodman 'warm and wonderful,' saying there's a hidden story there. The next day, the other Sweathogs are all upset over stories about them: Freddie about his supposedly not wearing diapers anymore, Beau that he has Klan ties, and Arnold's parents abandoning him as a kid. The story about Julie and Woodman is also printed. Juan and Mary are called into Woodman's office and they are told not to print stories like that anymore. Juan says the story about Beau was a misprint; it was supposed to say 'clean ties.' Woodman says he is taking Juan off the paper and Mary says he is tampering with freedom of the press. She says they made $300 in ad revenue and Juan projects $500, so Woodman takes it back. Later, the boys confront Juan about new stories that stretch the truth and leave things out. They tell him to stop but Juan refuses. Carvelli and Murray bring him stories but Juan wants more. Freddie comes in and says that the Bendorfo brothers are looking to beat up someone who made a pass at their sister, but it turns out to be Juan. He says it was during a basketball game and he passed the ball to her, but Freddie says Arnold and Beau told them things in a way that left things out. The brothers then come, but it turns out to be Beau and Arnold. It was all a big plot to get Juan to see what he was doing. Juan then thinks things over and the next day prints a paper that exposes things he did as a kid, including hot-wiring a subway car and taking fares for three days and stealing the hubcaps off his own baby carriage. Juan says he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory, including a nude pic of Woodman in the centerfold, which turns out to be a picture of a baby with Woodman's head pasted onto it. Later, Juan is given his job as projectionist back. He runs another film successfully, but forgets to pull the screen down. When he does, he pulls it completely out of its container.