Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 10

Washington's Clone

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Arthur, a smart student, has made Freddie his idol and wants to be just like him. After encountering him in the playground, he pulls a prank on Woodman by putting a bumper sticker that says 'Honk if you love wrinkles' on his car. He warns the Sweathogs he will get to the bottom of it, but as he walks away, there is another on the back of his jacket that says 'I Break For Short People.' Freddie then forges signatures on  Juan and Arnold's report cards. Beau says he did his himself. Arthur offers Freddie to do his, but he has too good of grades. Then he tries to go in their class, but Freddie stops him. Later, he winds up in Woodman's office because he pulled a prank on another teacher. When he says he's been acting like a Sweathog, Arthur thanks him and leaves. The next day, Arthur dresses just like Freddie. Julie hands Freddie, Juanm, and Arnold their report cards and tells them to get their real parents to sign them. She also tells Beau that he will get his later because it's being passed around the teachers' lounge. Then Julie tells Freddie to get Arthur to stop idolizing him because his grades are getting worse. But in the playground, Arthur gives him a watch. When he refuses, Arthur shows that he has several watches in his jacket. Freddie tries to talk to him but Arthur is determined to be just like Freddie. He goes to the hospital to talk to Vinnie about it and they talk while he tries to feed a patient, but it does not go well. Vinnie suggests they get the boys together to throw a scare into Arthur. They dress up like tough guys and tell Arthur they will beat up Woodman because he's been hassling him. But when it doesn't seem to work, they decide to tell him the truth. However, when Woodman actually tries to come out, Arthur decides to go back to being smart. When he leaves, Julie lets Woodman out and the boys tell them that they got Arthur back on track. When Woodman asks if they were really going to beat him up, they pretend to act tough again.