Welcome Back, Kotter

Season 4 Episode 8

X-Rated Education

Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1978 on ABC

Episode Recap

Epstein brings a projector into the classroom, explaining to Woodman he is setting it up since he's in charge of visual aids for the school. Carvelli and Murray come in looking for him. When they see Woodman, they say they are clean and go to leave. Woodman says he thought they wanted to see Epstein and Carvelli asks if he is there. Confused, Woodman leaves. Carvelli shows Juan an X-rated movie they snuck in the school and he wants Juan to put it on. Arnold and Freddie come in Arnold, excited, grabs one of the cans of film. Carvelli, thinking it's his, grabs it and says he shouldn't take someone else's property. Juan says he can't show it in class. Freddie suggests they use the projector from the auditorium in the school store. Arnold says the store is open except during lunch hour. Carvelli says that's when they should see it. Freddie asks what happens if they get caught, and Carvelli says he'll take the heat. Freddie starts chanting 'Porn flicks for lunch!' Woodman comes back in and asks what he said and Freddie says 'Corn flakes for lunch.' In the office, Woodman has Julie meet with some concerned parents; Mrs. Zugman, Ms. Jones, and Mr. Finch, who are uspet over the sex education program and their showing films. Woodman tells Julie because she is in charge of the program, she should talk to them. He leaves and Mrs. Zugman is already against the program. She wants it out of the school, but Mr. Finch says they should see their film before they judge the program. Julie describes the movie and offers to show it to them, not knowing what is actually in the projector. In the school store, the boys watch the movie but Carvelli tells them that it isn't the one he had. Juan realizes that the porno is in the projector in the classroom but before he can get it out, the parents come out railing about how disgusting it is. They go to the office and tell Julie and Woodman how bad it was. Julie doesn't understand what happened, but Woodman sees that it isn't the one they had. Ms. Jones says that they are coming back the next day and if they are still working there, they will blow the whistle. Julie doesn't realize they have the wrong film until she sees the title on the film can. Later, the Sweathogs come in and explain what happened. Juan says he put the film in the projector and Julie says he should tell the parents, but he refuses. Julie says she will take the heat. The next morning, Julie tries to explain what happened and that she should take the consequencesWoodman starts to take responsibility, but Juan charges in and says it was his fault. Arnold says they saw the wrong film, but Ms. Jones doesn't believe him. Mr. Finch says they wouldn't suggest they see a film that would insult them. Juan reiterates that it was his fault but Julie covers for him, saying it was deliberate; that she wanted to show the difference between sex education and pornography. She says the home, school, community and church should work together to give kids the truth. She also offers to show the right film and if they still don't approve, she'll resign. Mrs. Zugman says that if the film is what she says it is, she won't oppose it. Juan brings in the projector and asks Julie if he can set it up for her. She says no, but when he looks sad, she changes her mind and lets him. Later, Carvelli and Murray ask the Sweathogs for his film back, but they say that it was put in the incinerator. Carvelli says he wants it back, but Julie and Woodman come by and asks what he was talking about. Carvelli says he wasn't talking about it. Murray starts to say he was, but Carvelli shuts him up and they leave. Woodman asks what the film was about and Arnold starts telling him about the sex ed film. Juan says that isn't what he's talking about but Woodman tells him to let Arnold finish.