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Welcome Freshmen

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Welcome Freshmen was a comedy aimed at teens that took place at Hawthorne High School. It showed high school from different students points of view and how the students would dream about the way they wished high school was. The show was on Nickelodeon from 1991-1993.
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  • Good Nickelodeon show

    Nickelodeon and other channels aimed at kids don't make shows like this anymore. These shows just seem more mature than the ones aimed at kids, pre-teens, and teenagers these days. There are a few exceptions, but its just a small few.

    Welcome Freshman was interesting. The first season was about freshman. The second season was also about freshman as well as some of the freshman that moved on to the 10th grade.

    The acting was average, nothing great, but a show like this doesn't need great acting to survive. I was in my pre-teen stage when this show aired and I enjoyed watching the show. I wish they would replay it, because I think kids that still watch Nickelodeon would enjoy it. It is a dated show in fashion and looks and all that, but I think it could still appeal to kids.moreless
  • Five students in high school and their principal.

    I don't remember anything specifically about this show, only that I loved it. They never went to classes, they just hung out in the hall or mall or someplace. Alex was my favorite, although I wasn't as pretty as her, the earthy girl got on my nerves. There was on kid they were always picking on. And of course they were always trying to get back at their principal. The best part of this show is that I met the actor who played Mr. Lippman. I was sad to see that no one from this show went on to anything else.moreless
  • classic rarity from my childhood I've watched every episode of Welcome Freshmen and loved them all. I think the high school that was used in the series was exactly like mine which is why I liked it so much. So,to all of you at Nickelodeon,Imoreless

    i remember when this show was on the air along with other grand shows like "hi, honey i'm home", and "clarissa explains it all". the golden oldies of nickelodeon... *tear, how i miss them so! this show lived longer than "hi honey..." and about, if even, half of the time "clarissa..." i remember the merv, safety advice, because merv was a little runt, and Kevin was the smart young guy who wore a lot of white and light lime green, and walter was a gross, white trash kid, i believe alex was really popular, and possibly a cheerleader, and erin was the good-girl that was very nature-friendly. mr. lippman, was a nearly bald skinny principal whose boss-man was always breathing down his neck. i can't really remember the begining song like most people usually always remember, but i do remember that this group of people were considered the under-classmen, hence the name, and were looked down upon and teased by the upper-classmen. they also always sat around this little indoor tree thing with steps around the sides, it was their hang-out place. a very good show, i miss it greatly even though i was only in 2nd grade when it was on.moreless
  • When it is revealed that the writers of Welcome Freshmen are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack.moreless

    When it is revealed that the writers of Welcome Freshmen are going to use the Muslim prophet Character in a joking matter, the nation decides to "Bury it's head in the sand" and maybe the terrorists won't attack. he leaves on a quest to get the episode pulled with him in tow they leave. But when he learns that he wishes to get the series cancelled he tries to stop him. And fails to be continued next week.moreless
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