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CBS (ended 2001)


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  • Season 1
    • The Perks
      The Perks
      Episode 16
    • Dusting Diva
      Dusting Diva
      Episode 15
      Marsha gets Jim the most sought-after cleaning lady in New York, but a slip of the tongue gets Jim — and Marsha — swept off the list.
    • The Party (Unaired)
    • The Party
      The Party
      Episode 14
      Jim invites Marsha to his first New York get-together and she accepts - but is a no-show, convinced that the event will be an absolute disaster. When it turns out to be a huge success, Marsha has a social gathering at her apartment and is shocked when it turns out to be a big disappointment. Still convinced she can throw a better party than Jim, Marsha decides to host the Super Bowl party, even though Jim is planning one too.moreless
    • The Brother
      The Brother
      Episode 13
      Jim's over protective brother, Joe Gaffigan, comes to town from Indiana. While at an Italian restaurant Jim, Joe, and Marsha begin discussing Jim having to work on Easter, which ends with Joe storming out of the restaurant claiming that Jim has become a true New Yorker (aka "Mister New York"). Marsha convinces Jim to become more independent and begin living his own life instead of living the way that his brother thinks he should, but when he "wimps out" Marsha becomes their mediator.moreless
    • The Stalker
      The Stalker
      Episode 12
      When Vince receives a letter and phone calls from "John Smith", he is convinced by Amy that he's a stalker. When everyone tells him he may be a stalker he informs everyone that he's already spoken with him on the phone at his home and has already given him his address. After Jim meets him at the luncheonette, John Smith arrives at Jim's office where Marsha, still convinced he's a stalker, threatens him and makes him leave. Jim confronts Marsha about what she did and forces her to give him a face to face apology. Marsha waits outside John's apartment and the cab company where he works until she gets the chance to speak to him. Later, she is served a restraining order from him for being a stalker. In the end, John gives Marsha an invitation to an art gallery and his number.moreless
    • The Memo
      The Memo
      Episode 11
      After Jim gets a raise, he decides to write a memo to Marsha, offering suggestions on how to make AM New York a better show. When Marsha is receptive to Jim's ideas, it triggers Adrian's competitive streak and all the staff members start sending Marsha helpful memos on how they too can improve the show. When Jim suggests that Adrian consider doing a segment with famous ball players during the off-season he steals his idea and winds up interviewing New York Yankee second baseman Chuck Knoblauch. Adrian begins to hate everyone giving him credit for the segment and asks Jim to tell everyone it was his idea. Jim asks Marsha to tell everyone it was his idea.moreless
    • The Cat and the Rat
      Marsha lends Jim her cat (named Diane Sawyer) to take care of a rat in his apartment. When Marsha's cat is killed by the rat, Marsha is afraid to go back to her "catless apartment" and begins spending time at Jim's. Jim who is losing sleep won't ask her to leave because he feels guilty for the death of her cat. After Marsha releases her feelings over her cat's death, she returns to her apartment; Amy must work with Adrian when she gets the chance to produce her segment about horses on AM New York.moreless
    • Limos and Lines
      Limos and Lines
      Episode 9
      Marsha shares some juicy office gossip about Adrian with Shrihari, her limo driver, who winds up leaking the information to The New York Post. Shrihari goes to Adrian to appoligize and tells Adrian that Marsha was the one who had told him. Adrian gets Marsha to confess and she thinks that Adrian is going to tell everyone that she was the one who leaked the story, when Adrian had no intention of telling anyone, and she confesses to everyone herself. In the end, Jim leaks a story about Marsha to Shrihari; Jim talks Amy into taking him to a club and gains access after the bouncer finds out he's a TV personality. Vince convinces Amy that she's using Jim to get into the club and when Jim invites him, Amy turns the tables and convinces Vince he's using Jim.moreless
    • It's Hard to Meet Intelligent Women
      Jim's dry cleaner, Mendel, who also happens to be a matchmaker, fixes him up on a date with a woman named Cathy. Cathy turns out to be Marsha's best friend, which causes both Jim and Marsha to argue over her. In the end, Mendel fixes Cathy up with someone else; Adrian invites Vince to sit with him during lunch (to show people he's not too full of himself to break bread with the other employess). When Vince goes to have lunch with Adrian again, he finds that Adrian used him as a "temp" until his friend Gary returned.moreless
    • Dr. Bob
      Dr. Bob
      Episode 7
      Marsha adds Dr. Bob, a well-loved veteran newscaster, to the "AM New York" team. When Jim is left alone with Dr. Bob he begins to realize that he is mean and vindictive. Bob appears to be nice to everyone except for Jim, whom he constantly harasses about being a "hillbilly". Marsha sends Bob and Jim off to do a segment for "AM New York" called Dr. Bob's New York. During the segment Jim and Bob get into a fight causing the ratings for "AM New York" to soar. The producers contact Marsha and tell her that they want to see more of the arguing between Dr. Bob and Jim, which Jim gladly agrees he'll do. Marsha, Adrian, and Vince try to prepare him for his debate with Dr. Bob on the next show. When Jim agrees with everything Dr. Bob says during the debate it allows viewers to see the "real" Dr. Bob.moreless
    • The Crier
      The Crier
      Episode 6
      At a staff meeting Marsha ends up seated next to her nemesis, Robby, the head of programming. After they argue, Robby breaks down and cries. When people start talking directly to Robby, Marsha vows to show everyone that she can be just as emotional. She attempts to be less-formal by wearing jeans, having a casual meeting, and bringing a very small picture of her and her father from home. In the end, her attempt to be less formal fails as she realizes that it makes her feel uncomfortable "opening up".moreless
    • The Car
      The Car
      Episode 5
      When Jim decides to bring his 1978 Country Squire station wagon to the Big Apple, he winds up chauffeuring everyone around on their errands.
    • Jim Gets a Wig
      Jim Gets a Wig
      Episode 4
      When Adrian buys Jim a toupee for his birthday, Marsha is convinced the network put him up to it.
    • Jim Gets an Apartment
      Jim, still staying in a hotel, needs to find an apartment. Adrian and Marsha try to force their realtors on him. He chooses Marsha's and gets an apartment in her building. Jim doesn't tip the doorman and it causes problems with the other tenants and almost makes him lose the apartment.moreless
    • Tickets
      Episode 2
      Jim gets tickets for a show and asks Adrian to go with him. Adrian misunderstands and takes both tickets. Jim tries to get them back and has to go through many people. In the end, Marsha gets him tickets for a show and tells him to take one of his friends. Upon finding out he doesn't have any, she goes with him.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Jim Gaffigan is a weatherman from Fort Wayne, Indiana. In Indiana, he was popular at work and captian of the company softball team. Upon arriving in New York, he finds that things are very different. Now as "meteorologist" for AM New York, he works for high-strung producer Marsha Bickner. Upon his first two hours at his new job, he offends the security guard and fires the assistant without even knowing it.moreless