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This single-camera comedy follows the life of Josh, a writer, and how his life changes after he moves into an old Hollywood apartment building. "The Captain" is the building and it is home to a number of eccentric washed up actors and "Hollywood folk".

The pilot, which is from CBS Paramount Network Television, was written by feature writer-director John Hamburg, who also acted as director and executive producer.

CBS ordered six episodes to air midseason 2008. CBS cancelled the show on 27 March 2008 leaving one episode unaired.

    Dollhouse borrows from Battlestar


    Casting: Kreuk streetfights, Kitsch is Gambit

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    • This show was both original and good.

      This show as original. What other show is about disfunctional adults living in a hotel? and they did a perfect job of casting JoAnna Garcia. Why did they have to take it off air? It's something good, holesome, and not a stupid reality show with no meaning like Denise Richards or Newport Harbor. I agree, it could be a little boring at times, but, I really enjoyed watching it. They should definately bring this back. I think that if we get enough people to write to the company, they'll bring it back. I'm tired of only the good shows getting yanked.moreless
    • This show was funny and interesting. As goo or better than any other comedy this season.

      I watched all episodes shown of this very humorous show. The combination of professional veteran actors and the newcomers were great. I found myself waiting for the show each week in anticipation of what new spin would occur.With tv filled with reiculous reality shows and detective type shows that embrace the sick side of life it was very refreshing to watch a show that was just out right funny. It was not original in the boy gets girl senerio but the way it was written and the way the actors played there parts so well it was worth the rerun of that senerio. I am very dissappointed in the fact that the show is in limbo. Please BRING IT BACK!!!moreless
    • A familar show that deserves a second chance.

      The premise of this show opens itself to many comedic possibilites: a bunch of washed up actors and Hollywood-folk all living under one Apartment building roof. Unfortunatly, due to Mr. Neilsen's ratings, this show will not be able to tell all of its stories. But don't let that deter you from giving this show a try: it has a large amount of very funny moments. For example, in the Pilot episode, Josh [the lead character] is fooled into giving a speech at a party which he believes was for him, but was actually for the cleaning lady: very funny stuff!

      This show has a wide gap between great characters and "people you just want to punch" characters. For example Josh, Hope and Saul are all great, they present great comedic moments and walk together brilliantly. On the other hand, we have Jesus (pronounced the English way), Charlene and Chris Klein's character. The joke about Jesus actually pronouncing his name the English way (with the J sounding like a J and not a H) wore thin after about 5 minutes; Raquel Welch is in her 60s and she's been cast a sexually charged "old momma!"; Chris Klein plays Josh's larger than life manager who, as you might expect, likes the ladies - haven't we all seen this character before?

      If some of the characters let down, however, the stories do not. Each episode presents a very funny tale beautifully presented. This show fits perfectly into CBS' Monday night comedy line up and unfortunatly, they will cancel it. It will really pain me to see this gem disappear from our screens having only broadcasted 6 episodes. In fact, it is noteworthy to mention that if it weren't for the 07-08 writer's strike, the show would have been pulled after episode 3 dipped to only 5 million viewers!

      I seriously don't want to say goodbye to this show, but I think I will have to. Make sure you check it out, while you still can...moreless
    • a guy falls in love with a girl who lives in the building, but the girl has a bf.

      overall i think this is an okay show. its pretty funny. i like the whole story, its pretty interesting, makes me wish i can be like josh, living in a building and falling in love with a girl who also lives there. i hope it doesnt get canceled like most shows that are filling up the 830 spot on mondays. i guess with me i dont have too much expectations for a show as long as its funny and interesting it keeps me entertained. i dont watch shows like these to learn something. if i did, id watch discovery or natgeo. i also like Joanna Garcia shes very pretty. dont CANCEL the show!!!moreless
    • I'm giving this show a score of 1, and that's only because they had the sense to cast Jeffrey Tambor.

      Any thing that stars Jeffrey Tambor is generally a work of brilliance. But "Welcome to the Captain" is some sort of horrific example of how even the most talented actors can sometimes pick a total dud. It's fairly hard to put my finger on what I didn't like about "Captain" but I'm fairly sure it isn't funny, which is a bad start for a show that claims to be a comedy. What did I like? Well, I guess it has the potential to be good, the cast aren't horrible and the idea of an apartment block comedy isn't new, but this is at least a little different. Sadly, the writing IS horrible. The obvious cliche of a girl keeping the protagonist in LA is really obvious and I honestly didn't care for it at all.moreless
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