Welcome to the Captain

Season 1 Episode 5

Mr. Big Meeting

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 2008 on CBS
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Mr. Big Meeting
Marty lands Josh a job with the president of Paramount, while Uncle Saul insists on helping with the pitch. Meanwhile Astrid stands in for Jesus while he checks the smoke detectors.

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  • This was the fifth episode of this series, and each week it's gotten a little bit better (check the tv.com ratings) - until this week. It was a small step backward for my taste, but then I have high expectations for this show. In this installment...moreless

    Josh has a 'big meeting' scheduled with a studio executive to pitch his new script (which Hope and Jesus are reading behind his back and loving). It's supposed to be a secret, but a recurring theme in this series is that there are no secrets at the El Capitan.

    Saul, of course, is going to get his hands all over this situation and 'agrees' to (read 'insists' that he) help Josh prepare for the meeting. Once they get to the studio, Josh is in the exec's office pitching while Saul is wandering around the lot, seething with envy and anger over the fact that his ex-partner (to Saul's convenient way of thinking) stole his sitcom idea and turned it into a 300-episode hitcom. These two plot lines collide at what should be the climax of this episode.

    Unfortunately, this one missed the mark a little. If this were a long-running show and we understood that what happens here will lead to resolution later, everything would be all right. But this is a show trying to get renewed and there are very few 'laters' if it can't deliver now. Don't get me wrong, I like this show and I 'liked' this episode. But I was hoping for more.

    Once again Jesus (with a J) and Saul deliver most of the comedy. Chris Klein is excellent as Josh's best friend and Hope, Astrid and Charlene (Raquel Welch) are a terrific trio of female stars. There is one more episode in the can, and I sure hope it delivers. This show has too much promise to tank after six.moreless

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    • Hope: Don't worry. I know you're gonna do great.
      Josh: (nervously) Thanks, so are you.
      Hope: (awkward pause) I'm... going to go for laundry.
      Josh: (stammering) I know... I know... and you're gonna knock that outta the park.

    • Marty: (reading Josh's new script) I love that sentence I just read... 'Mike, late-twenties, picks up his mail.' How do you come up with that stuff?

    • Mickey: Numbnuts was about a group of people in a mental institution.
      Saul: Uh huh... and you thought by making them sane and moving them to a beach house on the Jersey shore that that was... that was going to fool me?

    • Astrid: Are you asking me to fill in for you? Oh... I'd love to, but why me?
      Jesus: Well, I profiled every tenant and you're the most qualified. You're personable, you're efficient, and... you have no job.

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    • Butt Pats
      Both Saul and Marty pat Josh on the butt before his big meeting and he doesn't like it. This is another reference to a former TV sitcom, in this case, the Friends episode where Chandler's boss keeps patting him on the butt, much to Chandler's dislike.

    • Housemates
      The fictional hit series that Saul believes was stolen from him by his ex-partner, Housemates appears to be a hybrid of four real TV shows - Full House (190 episodes), Going Places (a 1990, three-episode, ensemble, shoreside sitcom) and The Sopranos and House (two big TV hits set in New Jersey).