Welcome to the Captain

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • A young, oscar-winning writer from NY moves to LA to resurrect his career and stays at an old, landmark hotel called the El Capitan. He doesn't like it at first and we are ALL (desperately) looking for a reason for him to stay. But there's always Hope.

    I, too, was 'Hoping' that this might be a breath of fresh, quirky air that would make me just leave my TV/DVR on CBS on Monday nights, and replace the hole that will once again be filled by 'The Big Bang Theory'. No such luck with this episode... but there is 'Hope'. We know that first episodes are 'getting-to-know-you' episodes and that you must check back a second time to see if anybody's home. Well, there's 'Hope'. The second installment was an improvement, and I am reminded of the painfully awkward, take-it-out-back-and-shoot-it first episodes of both Seinfeld and Cheers that you still happen to see in syndies every so often. Aside from the introductions to the characters (and Raquel Welch dropping her slip), nothing really happened in this episode. But there is still 'Hope'... and by 'Hope' I mean the gorgeous little love interest of our hero Josh (Fran Kranz) named 'Hope' and played by Joanna Garcia (28, many credits, most notably as Cheyenne on 'Reba'). SHE will be renewed - you can bet on it. Jeffery Tambor (you either like him or you don't) seems so at ease in this role that he actually convinces you that there is hope (small 'h') for this series, and I can just imagine him networking with the rest of the cast and reassuring them that everything will be all right. I sure 'Hope' he's right
  • I feel violated

    I feel violated I had high hopes for this show. After all, it stars Jeffrey Tambor (comedic genius) and Chris Klein, always a favorite. These hopes were dashed before the end of the opening credits. Take all the leftovers you have in your fridge, hash them, boil them, re-hash them, boil them again for over 30 years and it will still be more fresh, tasteful and enjoyable than this show.

    It is predictable and definitely unfunny. I actually missed Hope and Faith during the unbearable 28 minutes this train wreck lasted. While you might wonder why I didn't just change channels, keep in mind I really thought this was going to be a great show. It's got Raquel Welsh for Pete's sake! Unfortunately, this is a show that NEVER would've made it on the air if it weren't for the writers' strike. So, to Hollywood I say: Please settle the strike! Sweet Moses give them what they want, they deserve it and we, the viewers, definitely deserve better than this stinkin' pile of...stew
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