Welcome to the Captain

CBS (ended 2008)


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  • I'm giving this show a score of 1, and that's only because they had the sense to cast Jeffrey Tambor.

    Any thing that stars Jeffrey Tambor is generally a work of brilliance. But "Welcome to the Captain" is some sort of horrific example of how even the most talented actors can sometimes pick a total dud. It's fairly hard to put my finger on what I didn't like about "Captain" but I'm fairly sure it isn't funny, which is a bad start for a show that claims to be a comedy. What did I like? Well, I guess it has the potential to be good, the cast aren't horrible and the idea of an apartment block comedy isn't new, but this is at least a little different. Sadly, the writing IS horrible. The obvious cliche of a girl keeping the protagonist in LA is really obvious and I honestly didn't care for it at all.