Welcome to the Captain

Season 1 Episode 3

The Letter

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 18, 2008 on CBS

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  • Seriously, this show is getting better and better!

    I've watched every episode of this show, and I think it is getting better and better. This episode especially is hilarious. The storyline is brilliant, and the ep is home to many very funny quotes and scenes. For example:

    Jesus: Lightbulb!
    Saul: You know, we are not in a cartoon, you can just say "I've got an idea"!

    The acting is as always great, with Raquel Welch having a bigger role than usual. There is a great part of character development in this episode as well. This, in my opinion, is the funniest episode of The Captain so far and I wish more people would watch it.

    I sincerly hope that CBS don't look too much into the Neilsen ratings and may give this show a second chance (but we both know that will never happen!).
  • The crux of this episode is that Saul and Jesus (kinda biblical, huh?) go through Hope's garbage to help Josh with insights in to her dining preferences. Josh thinks it's gross and unethical, until... (some spoilers?)

    It's official. This is a very well-written, well-turned sitcom. Lest you think I'm some network mole, I panned this show after the first episode (you can check). Now I am realizing how smart and engrossing it is. In this installment, Josh (newcomer Fran Kranz) tries to further his incipient relationship with Hope (the lovely, delicious Joanna Garcia) by inviting her to a simple dinner in his apartment. But, Saul and Jesus catch wind of the invitation and Jesus (with a 'J', mind you) retrieves her trash and they proceed to 'profile' her for Josh's benefit. He resists on the grounds that it is 'gross and unethical'.
    They get it all wrong (veggie vs. meat, etc.) and also find part of a (break-up?) letter that hints to future plot lines. Charlene (Raquel Welch) is apprised and becomes jealous, etc., etc. and the fun starts. Add a couple of subplots and you've got a nice little show with teasers of what is to come. I kid you not, this show should be going places. It is quirky and well written and would fit right in with HIMYM, TBBT, 2.5Men, TNAOOC and ROE on CBS's Monday night comedy block. Add one more sitcom and move CSI Miami to another night and make me the network programmer.