Welcome to the Captain

Season 1 Episode 2

Weekend at Saul's

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 2008 on CBS

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  • The show's premise is a mix of young and old Hollywood TV types intermingling at an old, storied hotel in West Hollywood. In the first two episodes we have been getting to know characters and following an incipient romance between Josh and Hope.

    Respected writer/director, John Hamburg (Along Came Polly?), is given a chance to get something picked up and aired, probably in part because of the writers' strike but also because it was pencilled as a mid-season replacement anyway. He has the 'rep' to have earned this spot and also the creative control to have gotten it done in a tough environment. This series doesn't seem to have much of a chance to go further than the six episodes scheduled, however, because it will be difficult to find a market (or time-slot) that fits for what is kind of a nice, quirky inside look at what retired/declining and up-and-coming Hollywood types go through in every day life. It's a little presumptious that we would be that interested in these people with all of the other (TV or otherwise) choices out there. Jeffery Tambor is a nice fit on many levels (if you like him); Raquel Welch puts in 5 and 10 second cameos here and there (as a favor? - for a paycheck?) for some 'star power', and Joanna Garcia (as 'Hope'... as in 'hope I do') is just fun to look at. The younger cast members (including Fran Kranz as Josh) are probably getting their feet wet for some future project, and the only real 'funny' charcter is bellman, Jesus (with a J). Unfortunately, it's got no snap... it's got no crackle... J.D.... it's got no pop...
    (I have re-watched this episode and upgraded to a 7.7. It does have some 'pop' and I am now semi-hooked)