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NBC (ended 2013)
After the first five minutes of this episode, I wanted to scream "why in the world did I decide to watch this?" For a little while I continued disliking the pilot, but then it got better. And by the end I was laughing quite a bit.

Here is what I thought of the main characters. Molly was pretty good. She wasn't just like I thought she would be, she was made more irresponsible and feminist than I thought she would be. Junior wasn't so good. If I were to read a script, I might like his character, or if the episode was silent. But oh my god his voice. It's going to drive me crazy. Dan and Caroline were good. Dan annoyed me a bit at first, but he ended up being pretty funny. Caroline is fairly normal, which is something needed. Miguel and Lizette are even better than Dan and Caroline. Miguel is very funny. Lizette is an even better normal than Caroline. And then the younger brother, why? I mean, I liked him, but he barely provides anything to the show. Why would they pay for another actor that barely provides anything for the show?

The episode had a lot of funny parts in it. And then, the ending, why? That is way too soon. WAY too soon. Honestly. Now I wonder what kind of madness this show will provide in its (likely few) episodes to come...


When has she not been a challenge?
Caroline: That month that she was in bed with mono.

Junior: I couldn't bring myself to tell them.
Molly: Yeah, I got that from the big "what?"

Junior: I'd like to ask for Molly's hand in marriage.
Dan: Sure, take her hand. You've already had all the other parts.

Miguel: Molly, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Dan: But, you did.

Junior: I'm taking my fiancée to her favorite place.
Molly: The mall?
Junior: The pier.
Molly: Oh, I love the pier!

Dan: He's got brains. She's got...him.


What did you think of Welcome to the Family's pilot?
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