Welcome to the Parker

Thursday 10:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jul 26, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • this show is horrible, and I'm surprised that hotel is even in business.

    I know things come up, but they have serious problems every week. I know Bravo is getting the exciting stuff, because there it's a struggling station, but this hotel seems like it's barely holding up every night with all the problems they seem to have. The people are rude to the customers and talk about them behind there back, that doesn't seem like a nice hotel to me. Their aren't many likeable characters there either, again because the way they act and treat their customers. If you haven't watched it before you might not want to, because it's a very MTV style of reality TV, the sad thing is these people are too old to act like they are in high school.
  • Loved it! Something new!

    I loved this show!! Ok, I'm in the hotel industry, and I think its about time someone showed what the back of the house is like. I would love to write my own book someday about all my experiences. Wanna see or hear weird, work at a hotel! That includes the behind the scenes as well the people staying there! The challenges the staff experiences is an everyday occasion...make gift baskets ...but don't spend any money, (did they visit us to get ideas and I didn't know??)...been there done that. Floods...been there done that! Awesome job! Thanks for bringing me this show! I will be watching every week without fail.
  • Welcome to The Parker or how to damage hospitality business.

    There is only one word to describe « Welcome to The Parker » : Shame.

    This show displays the most unprofessional staff (at every level) you could find in a "so called" luxury hotel/resort….

    Furthermore, this staff is so arrogant – the opposite of luxury hospitality !

    Where are the discretion, tact, style, good manners, impeccable education, etiquette and spontaneous efficacy from a the staff of a 5 star hotel ?

    Everything seems so cheap and disorganized in that hotel that I am wondering if this show was not initially sponsored/created by a competitor to ruin the image of this hotel.

    The GM, Samir, probably a self-made-man (according to his bigheaded speech) – Obviously, without the academic background, style and knowledge to fit this position.
    This lack of knowledge makes him say stupid things like "before the guest was always right, now, it is different". Does that mean that it is a privilege for guests to be so lucky to stay in that hotel ?
    Come on, Mister GM, show some respect for your guests and for the Parker Corporation (owner of this hotel) and get yourself some REAL hospitality knowledge !!!
    This GM is a truly a disgrace for the hospitality industry!
    Please, don't tell me that the Parker is an "innovating pionneer" and that "this is the new way" to run a luxury hotel .
    Look at the way the staff speaks, swears and dresses !!!

    Preparing a fruit basket for Woody Allen (by the way… if I was a celebrity, I would definitely erase the Parker from my list of hotels…) --- Several attempts and 3 to 4 people were needed to prepare a …. basic fruit basket.
    Is that such a complicated task ???
    We ended up with a truly "non-wow" basket (despite what the GM said).

    The food critic was… a mockery !!! Aren't food critics supposed to make their assessment remaining anonymous – so as to discover the real thing – instead of being pampered like VIPs ?

    Finally, the announcement with trumpets of this remarkable designer, Jonathan Adler… sorry but the furniture and the atmosphere of this hotel looks like cheap & kitsch student IKEA furniture.

    Conclusion: The Parker Corporation should get their feet back on solid ground and look at hospitality business with more humility ---- hiring skilled professionals and not a bunch of idiots !

    this is what professional people say about this show:


  • Very interesting!

    First Kathy Griffin has a show on Bravo.
    Then Bravo comes up with a show built around Paula Abdul.
    Now the hotel that both those stars love to frequent is the star of it's own show. It's sort of like playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can trace everyone back to the Parker Palm Springs! I've been to the Parker and I have friends who've been there and if half of the things I've seen and heard about this place make it into any of the episodes, this will be a VERY INTERESTING show. Hopefully Bravo caught the juicy stuff!
  • Who is Ric Murillo? Mr. Pink Coat!

    Welcome to the parker is real and fake...Most people hate working for a living,but the staff at the Parker live to work there. The series will be an inside look behind the high-end hotel in Palm Springs, CA. I'm on the show I should now, Right! If you are every in the Palm Springs area. Be sure to stop by the hotel. The Parker will take you back in time...you have to experience to believe it. I had a great time working at the Parker. It was crazy being apart of the TV series. I would see famous people all the time... "I see famous people". Check me out...Mr. Pink Coat Peace! I'm out.

    -Ric Murillo

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