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  • More proof why Nickelodeon is becoming worse.

    I only saw one episode, and Wendell and Vinnie were RARELY even shown! Thank god this show was replaced by Sanjay and Craig!
  • A nice change

    When I initially saw the promos for this show, I expected another kiddie show riddled with corny jokes, dry humor, and strained comedy in general. However, after watching this show, I'm actually rather enamored with it. It's a step up for nick in terms of realism and maturity, which in all honesty can be appreciated. This show can be watched by those of all ages, in my opinion, so long as they don't mind a bit of language . "hell" and "damn"). The more mature jokes seem to be subtle enough for younger audiences, and there's enough childish humor to keep their interest.
  • clever show

    i couldn't wait for this show to come out. i have been waiting for it last december and now it seems like a success! i like the humor and the plot to it. i love it. the only thing i don't like about it is that is for teens and adults. i expected this to be a show for 7 year olds. i just don't think that it is as kid friendly as it is. but either than that, it is a great show.
  • Really nothing major to point out

    it appears many ppl like this show and i won't blame them. i kinda like it too. it's probably nick's best current live-action show. but uh.. what to say. well one problem to point out.

    the laugh track: DAMN, this thing is overused! just about all of the jokes, especially the weak ones get a laugh track that sounds as if a barn of chickens were gobbling for food. i think if they either a) make a bit stronger jokes (like Drake and Josh) or b) cool it with the laugh track, i could give this show maybe a 7 1/2. that's one simple thing to tackle but don't get me wrong, there r other shows that overuse laugh tracks like True Jackson and Bucket and Skinner. it kind of gets annoying when they play the laugh track and it seems as if they're expecting you to laugh. some of the jokes r pretty decent though, unlike the rest of nick.

    one more problem is some of the characters seem a bit unrealistic (3 in general): Wilma, Wendell, and Wendell's friend Lucy. Wilma can be funny but a lot of the times her role seems to be over exaggerated (might just be bad acting). ik Wendell is the smart one but like Wilma, his role seems to be exaggerated. heck he memorizes all digits in pi! i'm not saying wendell's a bad character though. another character is Lucy. idk what it is but something about her pisses me off. it might be that she can be sensitive too much, idk :l

    besides a few problems like those the show seems fairly decent like Vinnie is a good character and he's the most important so that's great. (i still think a simple factor like the laugh track is the biggest concern/ annoyance to me but this show is okay!) original!

  • Better than what you'd typically expect from Nick!

    After Marvin Marvin, I had pretty much lost hope in Nick. But that was before the release of this show. This show is actually really funny. Yes, there's some occasional swearing and dirty jokes, but you have to remember, this show is rated TV-PG. That means that it's not for little kids. I'd say this show is okay for anyone 12 and up. The worst thing I've heard on it so far is "d-bag," and they kind of covered it up by making Wendell think they meant "dumb

    But seriously, this show is good. I've seen every episode so far, and my favorite is the one where Wendell becomes a Yankees fan. I'm a Red Sox fan myself (which means I HATE the Yankees), so I loved it when Vinnie threw the hotdog at him and said

    Give this show a chance. It's the best thing on Nick in my opinion.
  • off to a good start

    Nicks first new show in 2013 (i think) and it's actually pretty good! I'm pretty sure Nickelodeon realized they truly hit rock bottom when they made that cancer to televison. (you should know what i'm talking about, but if not, I'm referring to Marvin Marvin. I enjoyed Jerry trainor on Drake & Josh and iCarly. So if you ask me Wendell & Vinnie is the only show keeping Nick alive. I hope you guys can keep up the good work...
  • Nick made a smart choice

    I can't believe i'm saying this about a show on Nick today, but this show is actually decent. it' better than the rest of the crap nick has today *cough cough* Marvin Marvin, but this show should come back for a second season.
  • Suprisingly Good

    Nowadays, if it's better than Marvin Marvin than it could be considered good!
  • Actually pretty good

    It's created for kids but it's good enough I can watch it with my kids. Some of the shows they watch I can't enjoy with them but I really do like watching this one. Yes there is a tad bit of adult humor and language that I wasn't expecting for Nick, but it's nothing. And it is PG so it wasn't designed for little kids anyway.
  • Slightly shocking to say the least.

    The show is definitely a step up above other lukewarm family shows. What shocked me were the adult references and minor harsh language. The show is marketed as a kids show, don't deny it. I think some parents were a little frazzled at the content. However, I thought it was smart as it does allow writers to have more freedom. I remember seeing the kid on other shows and programs and he is definitely a better actor here than the other shows.

    So yeah, I watch it and occasionally laugh.

  • Check the rating

    This is definitely the best show that I've seen on Nick for a while. For those of you complaining abot the "dirty" jokes, next time you watch the show, check the tv rating: TV-PG. This show was made for Nick-at-Nite but for some reason Nick wants it to show during the Nick shows.
  • To admit. This show is definately good

    Wow. Better Than marvin marvin thats for sure
  • Smart move, Nick...

    Seriously, all of you people are taking this show way TOO LITERAL, especially @susanrichards3 -- CALM THE FUCK DOWN.

    Yes, this isn't the best show, but it isn't the worst either. Nick is DEAD and that's why I prefer Disney... Anyway, the concept is good. It needs a little work, but the show has a lot of potential. The acting is great from Jerry Trainor and Buddy Handleson. This show is actually funny; I ENJOY it a lot

    Also, STOP COMPARING IT TO MARVIN MARVIN. This show is 100,000,000,000 times better than that utter trash. Overall, in my opinion, this is Nick's BEST show. Hands down.
  • Nice job

    This show is actually really funny. Jerry Trainor is hilarious as always and he has great chemistry with the kid playing his nephew. The comedy may be a little more advanced for a typical 5th grader to watch but still, this show has great potential.
  • Nick goes to H**L !!

    My 7-year-old and I loved Jerry Trainor on iCarly and were all psyched for this show, but then the go to hell scene, and I was like "Whuh?!" I thought this was a kid's show. She thinks "darn" is a swear word! The sister jokes are annoying. All they can do is make fun of her looks ... great representation of women. The little kid is not for real with excitement about new undies ... not even believable for my 7-year-old. It's like the writers were desperate.
  • Get This Show Off The Air -____-

    This show is TERRIBLE. The comedy sucks and the little kid is such an annoying bitch. This show also has adult jokes and some inappropriate word such as "blows", "hell" and etc. If this stupid show is going to be on Nick, take the curses out. Kids shouldn't be learning stuff like that. Don't watch this show. Watch it if you want to waste 30 minutes of you'r life.