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DVD Set Cancelled by Shout Factory

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    Unfortunately, the DVD release that was scheduled for this fall is not going to happen. It seems that two musical artists would not work with the production company to allow use of their music, and the songs in question are in places where they could not be removed.

    Here is the message that the owner of werewolftv.com sent out:

    A manager has responsibilities that can cover tasks they like and don't like. For example, writing people up and/or firing them is part of their duty to perform and most people do not like that aspect of their role. As webmaster and forum moderator, I too share this burden of responsibility to do things I do not like.

    It is with great sadness that I must deliver the devastating news that the Werewolf TV Series will NOT be released to DVD. The Shout Factory has had to abandon the project and give the series back to Sony.

    The Shout Factory had to cancel the release because of two artists (which will remain unnamed) that would not play ball. Sony does not have the individual audio tracks, so they were unable to replace the songs, as the audio was mixed together. The two songs were featured over dialogue scenes that could not be cut. The Shout Factory's only option, even after spending a lot of time and money on it, was to cancel it and give the title back to Sony. If Sony had the audio tracks, it would have been easy to replace the two songs.

    The Shout Factory and Sony are not at fault. This has happened due to the greediness of the music industry.

    So, twenty two years after the Werewolf series hit the airwaves, the fan made copies of the original run and reruns will be the only testament of this great series along with the web site I have put together.

    I'm hoping to find a comprehensive list of all the songs in the series so that I can start contacting every artist and encouraging them to rethink this. Often the artists have no knowledge of the legal deals because everything is going through a lawyer or agent, so this might help and it couldn't hurt.
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    Do that man. Hopefully, they'll come around and we can see a DVD release in near future. Great website by the way.

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