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Vote for Werewolf The Series at TVShowsOnDVD.com

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    They let the studios know how many people want to see the shows they own released on DVD, and how they want them (season sets, best of, or individual episodes).

    All you have to do is go to:


    Once you register, you just plug in Werewolf (or any other show you might want for that matter) in the search engine and it pops up. Then you can vote for it.

    Once you vote for shows, they then will send you an e-mail if there's any news about the shows you voted for coming out on DVD.

    Pass it on!

    As of today the rank for Werewolf The Series is:

    Unreleased Rank: 193rd
    Overall Rank: 509th
    Season Set: 935 (100%)
    Best of: 134 (14%)
    Individual Episodes: 144 (15%)
    Total Number of Voters: 939

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