Season 1 Episode 4

The Black Ship

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Aug 01, 1987 on FOX
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The Black Ship
Eric tracks Skorzeny to a dock where he sometimes docks a small freighter. His investigation leads him to Otto Renfield, who may have information about Skorzeny's past.

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      • Renfield: This was the skipper's cabin. I figured that if I was in command, I oughta get the perks.
        Eric: (Taking in the grime and wear and tear of the cabin) Some perks.
        Renfield: Be it ever so humble. Pull up a pew, mate.

      • Eric: You said something about a last voyage? I don't get it. This ship looks like it'd sink in a bathtub.
        Renfield: It ain't gonna be much of a voyage. From here about a quarter-mile over to the boneyard. Then they'll cut it apart, ship the steel to Japan and make cars out of it. But till they do... I'm in charge. The caretaker! Thirty years at sea to end up a damn night watchman! I guess it don't matter. I'm as much a wreck as this tub.

      • Rita: (To Eric) Young one...you should not go with that man!
        Renfield: Butt out, Rita!
        Rita: That cochon is a thief. A stabber in the back. He will end with your money - and you will end in the corpsewagon!

      • Eric: Mr. Klisura? I'm Eric Cord, I was told you might be able to help me.
        Klisura: Great. Another damn college boy who wants to go to sea. Ain't you heard, kid? They ain't shippin' no Jack Londons these days. Come to think about it, they ain't shippin' nobody! Give you some free advise, boy. Get your butt back to school. Buy yourself a windsurfer you want to go to sea!

      • Eric: "You think being like me is some kind of wonderful. I gotta tell you jack I couldn't dream a worse nightmare."
        Otto: "Nightmare? Being immortal? Not being
        afraid of anything or anybody.
        Eric: "Is that why you hung around him all these years? Why don't you just ask Skorzeny to make you like him?"
        Otto: "You didn't answer my question. What do you wanna do with Skorzeny?"
        Eric: "Kill him."

      • Eric: "You know he's gonna kills me. Is he gonna let you watch? Is that how you get your kicks?"
        Otto: "Shut up!"
        Eric: "Look at you. You told me you hated him."
        Otto: "I was lying."
        Eric: "Bull. You can't be that good of an actor. You hate him alright. Maybe as much as I do."

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