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Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 1987 on FOX
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Eric Cord comes home to his apartment to find his roommate and best friend, Ted, loading a gun with silver bullets. Ted confesses to Eric that he is a werewolf, and that he is responsible for a series of brutal killings in the area. Ted wants to end his own life, but he doesn't believe that he is strong enough to do it, so he asks Eric to help him. Eric doesn't believe until the pentagram appears on Ted's palm and starts to bleed. Ted transforms into a huge werewolf and goes after Eric. Despite his love for his friend, Eric has no choice but to shoot him. Eric later discovers that he has been bitten and infected with the curse. Using the information that Ted gave to him, he skips bail to search for Janos Skorzeny, the progenitor of the werewolf bloodline. If he can find and kill Skorzeny, then the curse will be lifted. Meanwhile, the bail bondsman has hired a bounty hunter named Rogan to find Eric, and he's closing in...moreless

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  • Great pilot better than some werewolf feature films

    Awesome story, great special effects and excellent acting. Much better than say Cursed. Its too bad how the series ended but it had a fantastic start with this pilot. Great use of suspense without the gore since this was prime time TV. John York has incredible depth as an actor. He was very believable as Eric Cord and nailed this role. The rest of the cast delivered great scenes as well. Lance LeGault made a great skeptical bounty hunter as Joe Rogan. Chuck Connors as Skorzeny really made a convincing monster in human form. The pilot gave the series such high hopes but ultimately came crashing down due FOX abandoning this series. Wish FOX had given it a proper finale.moreless
  • Excellent kick off, nice introduction, not too many characters and easy to follow.

    My friends and I were hooked from the beginning, each of vying to replace Kelly. This was one of the coolest episodes for a show we have seen since Manimal and finally the lead is a babe, not some old guy like Manimal had. For viewers of the tv show Rifleman it's very startling, but awesome, to see Chuck Conners in the role of such a bad guy. Wish they would continue this series even if only in paperback books to follow where this could have ended up. Felt sorry for the dog to have to witness everything that happened between Ted and Eric.moreless
  • Somewhat slow, but worth it.

    This episode does a fine job of setting the stage for the series to come. We are introduced to Eric Cord, see how he is afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy, learn why he must seek out and kill Skorzeny, and see him attract the attention of the unstoppable bounty hunter Rogan. The story is enjoyable, and the characters are mostly interesting and they feel fairly real.

    The problem is that there is really very little new in this story. We have all seen and heard the stories of werewolves, so much of this episode feel very familiar. Also, some of the actors (particularly Michelle Johnson as Eric’s girlfriend Kelly) are just not talented enough to pull off their characters.

    That said, this episode remains one of my favorite TV pilots. The creature (designed by legend Rick Baker and implemented by the very talented Greg Cannom) is amazing for something created on a TV budget. Especially before the advent of CGI. The story is familiar, but if they played with the concept too much it just wouldn’t have that resonance of legend and myth and Hammer Films. And the inclusion of Chuck Connors and Lance LeGault more than makes up for some of the poorer acting elsewhere.

    This two-hour pilot does show that the creative team is much better at maintaining tension over 30 minutes. At times the pace feels slow and plodding, especially to the modern, jaded, MTV audience.

    But just be aware of the limitations of the episode and you will treat yourself to a great setup for a great series.moreless

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