Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse - Season 1

CBS (ended 1960)




Episode Guide

  • The Killer Instinct
    The Killer Instinct
    Episode 30
    A retired boxer trains and manages a young amateur boxer.
  • Dead On Nine
    Dead On Nine
    Episode 29
    A married couple try to murder each other.
  • Perilous
    Episode 28
    A woman spy falls in love with a German doctor and almost loses her cover.
  • Murder in Gratitude
    Murder in Gratitude
    Episode 27
    After the reception for Gerald Lester's wedding, his brother Derek and a few close associates board a train with the newlyweds. During the trip Gerald suddenly becomes ill and dies - and Derek is convinced his brother was poisoned.
  • Lucy Wants A Career
    Lucy Wants A Career
    Episode 26
    Lucy is exasperated. Once again tired of her daily routine, she wants to give show business another try. Ricky agrees, and Lucy auditions as a "Girl Friday" for a morning news show anchored by Paul Davis. At the audition, Lucy suddenly realizes her age, and does a little fancy maneuvering for notice. All but giving up hope, she is startled to get the job. Her first appearance is a disaster, but the viewers find it very humorous, and Lucy ends up with a long-term contract. Ultimately, Lucy misses Little Ricky and being a homemaker, and decides, after all these years, that show business really isn't for her after all. Lucy decides to quit, and goes home for some rest. With her sleeping schedule off kilter, Lucy downs a couple of sleeping tablets. A groggy Lucy is awoken by Ricky. They'll be sued if she doesn't honor her contract, and a heavily medicated Lucy is rushed to the studio.moreless
  • The Untouchables [2]
    Eliot Ness and his Untouchables continue to carry the fight to Al Capone and his minions although they are forced to pay a high price along the way. One of their agents and one of their informants lose their lives in the struggle. Ness's raids against Capone breweries cause him huge losses in revenue and the government succeeds in indicting Capone on the charge of income tax evasion. As the episode ends, Capone, due partly to the efforts of Ness and his men, is convicted of income tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years in prison. But Frank Nitti, Capone's right hand man and feared enforcer, is still at large.............moreless
  • Lucy Goes to Alaska
    Lucy Goes to Alaska
    Episode 25
    Alaska is celebrating statehood! Red Skelton invites Ricky Ricardo to appear on his television show that is being filmed in the new state. The entire gang comes along and take a look at a recent Alaskan land investment by Ricky & Fred. Unfortunately, accomadations are scarce and the foursome must share a room, with Lucy spending the night on a troublesome hammock. The following morning, Lucy lucks out and lands an appearance on the TV show with Red in a Freddy the Freeloader sketch. Clever Lucy begins to believe she can pawn off the bad land investment on Red, and the two head out to take a look. Ultimately stranded, the two redheads trade land for airfare, but on the way back, Lucy and Red end up having to pilot the plane to safety.moreless
  • The Untouchables [1]
    In the wake of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929, the Federal government assembles an elite group of Prohibition agents to do battle with and bring down the immense criminal empire of Al Capone. This squad is led by the grim, somber, dedicated, and incorruptible Eliot Ness and becomes known as "the Untouchables" due to their refusals to accept bribes to lay off the criminal activities of Capone and company.moreless
  • Man In Orbit
    Man In Orbit
    Episode 24
    Captain David Roberts is going to be the first man in space, but the scientist preparing him has other plans.
  • The Hard Road
    The Hard Road
    Episode 24
    A bounty hunter finds that he is on the wrong side of the law.
  • Chain of Command
    Chain of Command
    Episode 20
    An episode summary us not available at this time.
  • The Innocent Assassin
    Eileen Gorman and Jamsie Corcoran are in love, but they live in 1921 Dublin, Ireland, and their romance is blighted by civil strife. Their fathers are partisans of the Irish Republican Army, fighting the British. Their IRA group decides that a traitor must be killed, and Jamsie is assigned to assassinate him.moreless
  • The Comeback
    The Comeback
    Episode 18
    A has-been ballplayer revives a Little League team.
  • Martin's Folly
    Martin's Folly
    Episode 17
    A man who builds ships in his backyard has dreams of one day being famous.
  • Chez Rouge
    Chez Rouge
    Episode 16
    A woman's ex-husband shows up at her night club to cause trouble.
  • Symbol of Authority
    Symbol of Authority
    Episode 15
    A shy man pretends to be a doctor to impress a pretty woman.
  • Ballad For A Bad Man
    Chris Hody, a professional bounty hunter, goes after young Danny Cash, who is wanted for robbery and murder. The girl Cash loves is a member of a troupe of entertainers. Hody joins the troupe as a guide, hoping that Cash will turn up with the stolen money.
  • Happy Hill
    Happy Hill
    Episode 13
    Big Sam Brown escapes for jail and returns to his home town of Happy Hill.
  • Trial At Devil's Canyon
    A sheriff ignores direct orders from the Army and is put on trial.
  • The Crazy Hunter
    The Crazy Hunter
    Episode 11
    A girl trains a blind horse.
  • K. O. Kitty
    K. O. Kitty
    Episode 10
    Dance teacher Kitty Williams, who loves dogs, is delighted when she learns that she has inherited a boxer from her late Uncle Charlie. But the "boxer" turns out to be Harold Tibbetts, a muscle-bound country boy.
  • Lucy Makes Room for Danny
    Lucy & Ricky are off to sunny California for his latest motion picture, and rent their home to Danny Williams (Danny Thomas) and family. When Ricky's picture deal falls through, suddenly the Ricardo's are without a place to live. The Mertz' offer their home, and the two couples are now housemates. Unfortunately, Lucy becomes up in arms regarding the way the Williams are using their home, and soon makes a pest of herself. Culminating in a snow fight, the matter is finally settled in court.moreless
  • Silent Thunder
    Silent Thunder
    Episode 8
    An American Indian seeks dignity in a white community.
  • The Night The Phone Rang
    What more terrifying predicament could an innocent man be faced with than to become involved with a gang of highly organized criminals—a murder syndicate which selects not only its victim but his executioner?
  • The Time Element
    The Time Element
    Episode 6
    A patient visiting a psychiatrist complains of recurrent dreams in which he imagines he is living in Hawaii just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. A series of flashbacks shows him living with his knowledge of what has happened in the seventeen years since, betting on sure winners in sports events, but also seeking to warn a newly-married couple, newspaper editors, and anyone else who will listen that they will be attacked by the Japanese. Everyone is either too interested in a good time or too determinedly patriotic to give heed; the man only gets punched on the jaw. In the end the psychiatrist is left looking at a blank couch, and to steady his own nerves he goes to a bar to get a drink. There he learns his patient was killed at Pearl Harbor.moreless
  • Debut
    Episode 5
    A young Russian dancer is taking care of her crippled mother when she falls for an American.
  • My Father The Fool
    My Father The Fool
    Episode 4
    A New York lawyer, ashamed of his Puerto Rican heritage, cuts himself off from his alcoholic father, until a near tragedy changes his outlook.
  • The Case For Dr. Mudd
    The true story of Dr. Mudd, who treated John Wilkes Booth's injury and was later arrested as a conspirator in the murder of Lincoln.
  • Song of Bernadette
    Song of Bernadette
    Episode 2
    Based on Mary Gray Blanton's biography The Miracle of Bernadette, this is the story of Bernadette Soubirous, a french peasant girl who discovered healing waters after seeing a vision of Mary, Mother of Jesus. The experience changed her life, and she eventually became a nun, and later named a Saint by the Catholic church.moreless
  • Lucy Goes to Mexico
    Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel are visiting San Diego. While Ricky rehearses a show with Maurice Chevalier, Lucy and Ethel cross the Mexican border to do a little shopping. Returning to the US, a stowaway boy is found in the Ricardo's car trunk by US Customes. With Lucy and Ethel in jail, Ricky, Fred, and Maurice come to the rescue. Unfortunately, now Chevalier is being held because he is not authorized to leave the US into Mexico. This sends Lucy off to a bullfight to find the American consul, only Lucy disguises herself as a matador, and ends up facing a raging bull.moreless