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AIRED ON 7/25/2003

Season 2 : Episode 57

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The hit game show from the 80's is back and better than ever. It now features a new appearance, new board, and the new host, Todd Newton. Now the board features the new Double Whammy. It still counts as one whammy except you get something thrown on you including ping pong balls, popcorn, pizza dough, feathers and more! "Round One - The Bonus Board: Each player starts with $1,000 and gets a chance to spin the big board for cash & prizes. Prior to each spin, the players get the option to either "freeze" their winnings, or to "press their luck" until they choose to "freeze" or hit the "whammy". If they freeze, they get to hold onto their winnings into the next round. But if the player hits the whammy, he/she loses all of their winnings up to that point and also loses their turn for this round. Round Two - The Question Round: Todd Newton asks the three players a question. The first person to buzz in with a correct answer gets three spins in the next round. Then the other two players are given three answers to chose from. If they choose correctly, they then receive one spin in the next round. If the player buzzes in with a wrong answer, or chooses the wrong answer, then they do not receive any spins Round Three - The Final Bonus Board Round: The three contestants play the spins they've earned in the question round on the bonus board to win cash, prizes, or more spins. The player has the option of playing their spin, or passing it on to another player. If a player has spins passed on to him/her, that player must play spins passed to them, but can pass spins to other players. The player with the most cash and prizes at the end of this round wins!"


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