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AIRED ON 7/25/2003

Season 2 : Episode 57

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The hit game show from the 80's is back and better than ever. It now features a new appearance, new board, and the new host, Todd Newton. Now the board features the new Double Whammy. It still counts as one whammy except you get something thrown on you including ping pong balls, popcorn, pizza dough, feathers and more! "Round One - The Bonus Board: Each player starts with $1,000 and gets a chance to spin the big board for cash & prizes. Prior to each spin, the players get the option to either "freeze" their winnings, or to "press their luck" until they choose to "freeze" or hit the "whammy". If they freeze, they get to hold onto their winnings into the next round. But if the player hits the whammy, he/she loses all of their winnings up to that point and also loses their turn for this round. Round Two - The Question Round: Todd Newton asks the three players a question. The first person to buzz in with a correct answer gets three spins in the next round. Then the other two players are given three answers to chose from. If they choose correctly, they then receive one spin in the next round. If the player buzzes in with a wrong answer, or chooses the wrong answer, then they do not receive any spins Round Three - The Final Bonus Board Round: The three contestants play the spins they've earned in the question round on the bonus board to win cash, prizes, or more spins. The player has the option of playing their spin, or passing it on to another player. If a player has spins passed on to him/her, that player must play spins passed to them, but can pass spins to other players. The player with the most cash and prizes at the end of this round wins!"

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  • Whammy is the funnier of Press Your Luck....

    Sorry, Whammy airs at 10-11 AM Weekdays....

    Inaccurate information.

    Great show! Great show! Very funny!
  • Plenty Of Fun And Lots Of Chances To Win Big Bucks. Simply A Stunning Remake Of A Classic Game Show

    When CBS cancelled Press Your Luck in 1986 many fans were saddened by the unexpected cancellation and wondered when Press Your Luck would make a comeback to TV. In 2002 GSN made many fans happy by launching a brand new remake of Press Your Luck simply named Whammy and bringing a new comedy style to Press Your Luck. Hosted by Todd Newton Whammy tells the story of three contestants hoping to win the big bucks and avoiding the family of Whammies which is how the show got it's name and will stop at nothing to try to steal contestants money and cause them to lose it all. Also Whammy introduces a new type of Whammy called Double Whammy that not only steals money from contestants but also causes trouble by dumping items such as popcorn and silly stringon contestants heads and this alone brings a humorousstyle that hasn't been seen in game shows today. Why GSN decided to cancel this funny show is beyond me and they should try to make new episodes of Whammy and bring new fans to the show,

    If you love comedy and game shows this fun show is for you,moreless
  • A decent remake of the original program.

    When I first saw Whammy in mid 2002, I wasn't really that into game shows, partly because I was only seven years old at the time. However, one day I was channel surfing and I came across this show. The next thing I knew, I was laughing like crazy. Why? I'll explain.

    Whammy is a game show where contestants answer questions to earn spins. These spins will then be used for a big board which has many different screens that change consistantly. A square will be randomly highlighted, and depending on the square that's highlighted when the contestant presses their button, they will earn a a variety of prizes.

    However, there's a catch to these, as there are also Whammy squares in the first round where the board is used. These Whammy squares cause you to lose all of your money that you've earned (and they also show you a 3-D video of Whammy doing something funny). In the last round, there are Double Whammy squares which not only take away all your money and show a clip of Whammy, but also drop something related to the show clip on the contestant. This can range from anything like popcorn to silly string.

    Well, this may not be as good as the original game show was, but it's still very good nonetheless. I think this show is highly underappreciated.

    Final show grade: A-moreless
  • Double Whammys!

    I fell in love with this show. Thy try to get money. But, the Whammy always greedy and, takes it. And, puts it in the big bank. I belive anyone could fall in love with Whammy or Press your luck cause' two great game shows should be watched. Plus the Whammys are always greed pigs, no. Greedy what ever they are, Whammys. Plus, the old Whammys on Press Your Luck were animated bad. So, I love this show more!


    Animation: 9; CGI.

    Humor: 10; Just love it!

    Plot 9; Good.

    Theme song: 9; It's a theme but it's good.

    Voices: 8; Whammy's voice.

    Final Score: 9.0moreless
  • Big money, Big money, and...STOP! Double Whammy!

    Whammy is better than the origanal because of the Double Whammys! They're so funny. You get covered with what ever is the animation. Plus this was funny. This one contestant. The host said. "You play video games and, watch cartoons" Because, the two answers to questions and they were Sonic the hedgehog and, Spongebob Squarepants. And, all those Whammys. Where do they live? Plus they're greedy like Wario or King Dedede. Plus, when, they get covered with water. It's from the stand where they press the're luck. And, I'd like to say when, round 3 happens. They only get Double Whammys insted of regular Whammys ;)moreless

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