What a Cartoon

Season 1 Episode 5

Johnny Bravo

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 1995 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the episode we find Johnny Bravo at the Aaron City Zoo, where he is trying to impress all the chicks by posing, but without success. A little girl comes to him and asks him if he knows what time it is. Johnny ignores her, and goes to a chick to pick her up, but the girl uses a device that electrocutes him and leaves. Johnny arrives near the alligator display, where the alligator growls at him. Johnny threatens the alligator by saying he has eaten larger hamburgers than him. A redheaded girl appears running towards Johnny, who believing she is coming for him won't let her pass. The girl pushes Johnny inside the alligator tank and continues running. Inside the tank, Johnny manages to tie up the alligator with its own tail.

He goes near the redheaded girl who is revealed to be a Zoo inspector. She is worried that a gorilla from the Zoo has escaped, and is now on the loose. Johnny says he is a superhero, and offers to bring the gorilla back, if the girl goes out with him. He says that he is an expert in all martial arts known to man. Right then an enormous Sumo wrestler appears and stomps on Johnny. Johnny then admits that he is still learning Sumo and Karate. He then starts cooking a sandwich for the girl, to eat while he is bringing the gorilla back.

Meanwhile we see the gorilla in the city, singing and dancing while crossing the street. He stops in front of a department store and looks in a mirror. He sees his hair is a mess, and takes out a comb and combs his hair. While admiring himself in the mirror, Johnny comes by and, not realizing he is talking to the gorilla, he asks if he has seen a gorilla around there. The gorilla tricks Johnny by saying he has seen the gorilla earlier. He also promises Johnny that he'll keep an eye open for the gorilla and tell him if he finds it. Johnny agrees and walks away.

Johnny runs around the city, asking people about the gorilla, but nobody knows anything. He stops to ask a little old lady, who apparently knows something about the gorilla, but Johnny is distracted by a young attractive girl. He goes towards the girl and asks her if she isn't hiding any gorillas underneath her clothes. The girl beats up Johnny and walks away. Next the gorilla is seen still walking freely around the city, until a bank robber jumps in front of it and demands its wallet. The gorilla doesn't take him seriously until the thief calls him "ugly". Johnny arrives at the scene in time to see the gorilla beating up the bank robber. Johnny stops the gorilla, who keeps insulting the thief, saying that his mother was "big, fat and ugly". When Johnny hears that, he believes the thief is the missing gorilla, and comments that the thief is ugly enough to be in the Zoo. The gorilla confirms the fact that the thief is indeed the gorilla, just to get away with it.

Suddenly the Zoo inspector appears and asks for her gorilla. Johnny says he's got it in his arms, referring to the bank robber. The Zoo inspector walks by him and takes the real gorilla, leaving Johnny confused and with the bank robber in his arms. Johnny asks the Zoo inspector if he doesn't get anything for all his troubles, like a date. The Zoo inspector replies that she would go out with him, but apparently he already has a "date", referring to the bank robber he has in his arms. The thief admits that, as nice as it would be, he is married.