What a Cartoon

Season 2 Episode 23

Larry and Steve

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 1996 on Cartoon Network

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  • Warning: Contains spoilers.

    The Family Guy series we as Americans come to know started out as an adult show, then an episode for the children's show called What-A-Cartoon! Well, what an episode for What-A-Cartoon. Seth Macfarlane did a good job not offending anyone with a children's episode. This is how Family Guy all began, and I thought this episode was just very entertaining, although these types of cartoons aren't my cup of tea.

    The only human who can understand Steve is Larry. Well, Larry's dumb and Steve just has to stick with him. In this short which is probably the second and last short containing these characters as a main character, they go shopping. Well, things go wrong.
  • Larry and Steve--the beginning of Family Guy.

    As soon as I heard Steve speak, I instantly thought of Brian. And there's no doubt that Seth MacFarlane's voice for Larry is the same as Peter's voice. Anyone who watches Family Guy could see this and recognize it as Seth's work.
    Most of shows on What A Cartoon tend to be boring and plain, but "Larry and Steve" is a huge difference from that. I actually laughed at some moments. This is something I genuinely enjoyed. When I watched it, I could see the same comedy styles as Family Guy. It's basically the similar, only the target audience is kids.
    Anyone who likes Family Guy would enjoy this episode.
  • unlukily they made family guy...

    this is where family guy started its a very funny episode, had me laughing from the first time i saw it in the 90s to now in 2006
    you can view the episode on youtube.com

    via this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jFptQyMSFk

    now if your like me this episode will bring you back and make you feel like a kid again like many other shows that you see that you saw when oyu were a kid
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