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  • Epic college thesis

    Love them all.
  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of this series?
  • What a Cartoon it was!

    What a Cartoon it was! I remember this show from when I was a kid! It was so funny. I wonder if they air any reruns now.

    Rosie | Vinny's Gift Shop
  • Cartoons

    One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was wake up on Saturday morning and watch cartoons. I was so addicted with them that I even wanted to create my own series. I have since grown up and don't watch them as often, but that doesn't mean that I don't like them anymore.

  • What a cartoon and cartoon cartoons Fridays got cancelled

    Oh yeah cartoons! and random cartoons! has been cancelled on nickelodeon what a cartoon and cartoon cartoons Fridays got cancelled Don't worry hub network new show cool retro action hero cartoons! What about Cornelius and spike Cornelius Raibon wear decepticon t-shirt spike witwickey wear autobot shirt and plenty many more
  • Thanks!

    I always loved watching cartoons while I was growing up! However, it never really occurred to me that I should write a cartoon. I might give it a try! Cartoon writing sounds like a pretty fun hobby to have.
  • This Helped Create Many of the Cartoon Cartoons

    Many of the greatest shows Cartoon Network had came from this show. Cow and Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, the Powerpuff Girls, and many others got their start on this show, ultimately creating the first Cartoon Cartoons, which helped make Cartoon Network awesome until Stuart Snyder ruined the company. This show even had Larry and Steve, which would be a precursor to Family Guy.

    Even the cartoon shorts that didn't get their own shows were still awesome. One of my favorites was Gramps, about a grandfather who tells his grandkids about the time he saved Earth from an alien invasion.
  • How Animators Stood Out

    Few ep (03)
  • Dexter

    Dexter's Laboratory was my favorite when I was younger. Mostly because of his relationship with Dee Dee. That's kind of how I felt with my siblings. And I always wanted to be a genius with a secret lab.

    -Seamus | New Crawl Space
  • Scooby Dooby Doo!

    When I was younger my favorite was Scooby Doo. Even to this day, I will stop on the channel when I see that there is an episode playing. Such a good show!

    Mia | 140-gx160-gx200/
  • Dexter will always be my favorite!

    My favorite was Dexter's Laboratory! To this day I watch that cartoon and laugh my head off every time he talks in his crazy voice. One of these days I want to re-watch all of those episodes again.

    Kat Brennan |
  • Two Birds with One Stone

    I had just bought new yoga clothes at and decided to watch some cartoons while I did my morning stretches, it was fun!
  • My Fav!

    I remember watching Scooby Doo! I always wanted to try to be a bad guy on there and get away with it. I'd have to buy a clever costume that included me buying tattoo gloves. I think I could get away with it.
  • I love how inspiring cartoons can be.

    They made me want to buy wholesale disaster survival kits.
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast

    I love space ghost coast to coast
  • The Best

    What A Cartoon is a great show. It is where most of my favourite shows started. One of my favourite shows which started on this was Courage The Cowardly Dog it was also the last episode to air on What A Cartoon. The episode that Courage the cowardly dog last aired was Courage Meets Bigfoot it is also one of my favourite Courage episodes. I really love the part when he learns how to power nap !
  • What A Cartoon this is!!!

    What A Cartoon is a great show. It is where most of my favourite shows started. One of my favourite shows which started on this was Courage The Cowardly Dog it was also the last episode to air on What A Cartoon. The episode that Courage the cowardly dog last aired was Courage Meets Bigfoot it is also one of my favourite Courage episodes. It is about Eustace and the rest of Nowhere trying to capture Bigfoot but Courage and Muriel trying to be his friend. one of my favourite scences is when Courage and Bigfoot have a food fight.
  • What a Cartoon! It is great for the 1990's. And it will today. DYNAMITE!!!



    C-Wait, Am I going to review something? What A Cartoon. An anthology animated package show created by the top animators. Or is it a hoax about the show with Cartoon Network's slap doll on it!

    Cartoon animators have worked hard. What else? It's owned by Fredator & Hanna-Barbera at the same time. Can you imagine. Both companies. In 1 show? Now that's what I call a cooooooooool-listic! Even for the 1990's. They were Pat Ventura, Robert Alveraz, Sean Song, Rob Rezentti, Seth MacFarlane, Butch Harman, etc. One of my favorite animators. I think it's InCrEdIbLe!

    Here's what you can do for hard work:

    1. You can make the script that's 7:25 minutes long or 7:40 minutes long. But You ended up looking like a 1 minute cartoon.

    2. You wanna do the character designs that are good. clean & fantastic. But you ended up looking like a scribble-scrabble child's drawing. *BABY CRYING*

    3. You wanna do the storyboards, but if you are, how are you beginning the storyboarding like that?

    4. The music is hard. You have to put great music! But, you've ended up looking like a Japanese singer!

    JAPANESE SINGER: Ladooky! Aaaaah!

    5. The rest goes on!

    It's a good show. But with CN's medicorocy, it's not good anymore. But, you can still watch it on YouTube. Da da da da!
  • Before there was Ben 10 and Juniper Lee, there was World Premiere Toons.

    I love this cartoon compilation show! I can name plenty of my favorite World Premiere Toons shorts. Not 1 short, but 5.

    5. Swamp & Tad in: Mission Imfrogable
    4. Dino in: Stay Out!
    3. Pfish & Chip in: Short Pfuse
    2. Yoink! of the Yukon
    1. Shake & Flick in : Raw Deal in Rome

    I always loved how the intro went: "What...A...Cartoon!". It totally grows on me. They should make a Cartoon Network game show called "Wheel of Cartoons" that focuses on the What-A-Cartoon! Show with Ben Tennyson and Juniper Lee as the hosts. There should've also been a video game of the show on Sega Genesis and Super NES and be called the "What-A-Cartoon!" game. Aside from that, I enjoy this show. It's my favorite next to Ben 10 and Juniper Lee.
  • A Great Show for aspiring young wannabe animators and writers, which promted me to write and make cartoons.

    What A Cartoon have made a lot of cartoons (1994-1997) as World Premiere Toons. It made spinoffs like The Powerpuff Girls(the first ever WAC short),Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Mike, Lu and Og, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow And Chicken, Mina And the Count(was later a Nicktoon),and other shows.

    Larry and Steve(the Pre Family Guy) were the only non-Cartoon Cartoon on Cartoon Network, since Fox Network asked Seth Macfarlane to create Family Guy for them.

    Cartoon Network sucks now they messed up their schedule and put Squirrel Boy and Gym Partner on the air,and LIVE ACTION!!!!! I wish I can go to CN and revamp its schedule with old 1990 HB shows during the day, newer shows at night.

    As for Fred Seibert, for a man who didn't knew about cartoons in the past, he worked the toons like magic.

    I'm Done.
  • WHAT...A...CARTOON!!!!!!!

    this wasn't that bad,it made a lot of sense.It was funny to see multiple cartoons battling each other so they could become a series.Though sometimes this show did have some cartoons with bad designs and sucky humor with lines and voices that you couldn't hear or have horrible humor voices.But it was a really great show in the least
  • a true classic

    all your favorite cartoons in 1 show that is what i call entertainment this show deserves another chance if u think so then sighn this petiton to bring all our classics on 1 channel
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