What About Brian

Season 1 Episode 3

Moving Day

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2006 on ABC

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  • Marjorie is moving in with Adam, but he can't help her move due to work obligations.

    A tightly plotted episode where Marjorie tries to prove she can deal with things herself and not disturb Adam who's busy at work. As it turns out, she cannot deal with movers not showing up and she calls on Brian (who brings Dave) to fix things. After Dave's gone, she hugs Brian to thank him and things turn awkward.

    Nic is still desperate to get pregnant, despite the side-effects of a possible fertility medication. Her husband however, is not at all comfortable with medication and therapy, he would be happy if they conceived naturally, but all this planning and medication, is just not for him...
  • an Ok episode

    This episode was ok, it could have been better but not bad.
    There were some pretty funny stuff like Brian and Dave waiting for the phone call that was funny. I didn't care for the part with Deana and her cheating on her husband with the single father at the supermarket in the van. I like where Brian ran into Lisa at the end that was really great. you could tell they really like each other.
  • Another great episode

    This series is really starting to grow, so does the characters. This episode is a great example of that.

    Especially the relationship between Dave and Brian. They have small feuds about nothing. Like when they're fighting about where Dave put the phone, or when they insulting the other ones hair. It's quite fun to watch.

    Brians relation with Marjorie is still in the air. They both seems to have forbidden feelings for each other, and Brian don't want do screw thing up for his best friend, who's engaged with Marjorie.

    The biggest question might be the one with Lisa B. They seems get along fine, but does he have greater feelings for Marjorie? Is Lisa B the second choice?

    This series, overall, is a great relation drama, might be the best one out there, and this installment is a good one that digs deeper in everyones relations. I'm exited for the next trip in to their lifes.
  • Another great installment

    My favorite part of the episode was when Dave told Brian he had "hippie hair" and then took it back and said he had "girl hair." Very funny! It's nice to see the relationship betweeen them and how they are friends.

    I'm so angry with Deanna! She and Dave shareda monent when reminiscing about their third anniversary and what does she go do? Sleep with the hot dad in the back of her van! Bad! They shouldn't continue with this open marriage. It's a terrbile idea!

    I also loved Marjorie's landlord and how she htought Marjorie was marrying Brian (and said he had an ass like a boiled egg).

    And Adam's client trying to convince him not to get married. Very bad. Can we see that this wedding is never ging to happen?

    And Briana nd Lisa, she was so cute with the parking meters! Sucha nice girl! She and Brian shoudl be together! (But not over Marjorie of course).
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