What About Brian

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on ABC

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  • Great pilot!

    This was a great pilot episode. It's so nice seeing Barry Watson on the screen again, and it's a totally different character from playing Matt in 7th Heaven. Great seeing him in a different setting. The plot didn't surprise me actually, been done before. Falling in love with his best friends girlfriend sounds like a cliché to me, but I'll go with it;) Many things happened and we got known with the other main characters. And as always we have the desperate married couple with kids and far to little time to enjoy each other. Can't wait to see what will happen next in these people's life.
  • The main character are introduced

    What a fun start to the show, despite the unhappy ending for Brian, who's in love with Marjorie, his best friend's girlfriend.

    The relationships between the characters seem so natural, it's like they are really friends and everyone know the situation where there's one unmarried guy whose friends have all married. He must feel a bit lost and lonesome especially considering the secret crush he has.

    Despite this entire situation, the comedy aspects are still there and it's not a drama, it's still a comedy. A thoroughly enjoyable first episode of this series, with a good script and very great acting too.
  • Fresh new show

    What can I say. This was a great start to what looks like a promising show. The characters are great, they play off each other, Marjorie is hot! etc etc. Brian is in love with his bet mate's girl - this sounds cliche but it has an interesting twist when his friend makes a pact with Brian. If Brian breaks up with Karen (car girl, who by the way is barking-bunny-boiling mad) he will break up with Marjorie. Finally his prayers have been answered, but no wait, instead he proposes to Marjorie after telling her its over! That is just one of the plotlines for this episode but it was the best. I will be watching the next episode.
  • This is the episode that sets up one of the smartest, well written shows to come along in a long time.

    In my opinion it is almost impossible to not like the pilot episode of What About Brian. There honestly, is something for everyone in the show...especially in the pilot episode. With Brian Dana Stevens has done one of the most creative original things that anyone has ever done with a character. She takes one of the most stereotyped roles in the world (the cool bachelor who sleeps with tons of girls but never commits) and gives it depth and originality. This episode is kind of sad to look back on, it's a reminder of a time when this show was hot, new, and still carrying a promising future...as opposed to now where we'll most likely never see a third season...
  • WOW! this show is amazing!

    I just watched the pilot episode for this show and i have to say i'm in love! It's probably one of the greatest, if not the best, pilots made for any show i've seen. I instanlty connected with every character from the moment i met them. I was talking at the screen, "oh no" or "Yes, do it!" and i laughed and cried and was completly absorbed into this wonderfully made show. as i recall it takes most shows awhile to get you to do this during there season run, but this one did it on it's first episode. I will watch this show every week from now on, and look forward to every monday so i can get a look furthur into the life of the characters of 'what about brian!' infact the third episode is on tonight, so i must go now and watch the second episode (which i taped last week) to get ready for 10pm. YAY!!!
  • An excellant pilot. I was very fortunate to find this episode while surfing channels and it was interesting enough to make me look for the second show the following night. I\'ve already checked to see when the next show will air.

    This pilot was an easy show to watch. It involved no pain to any of its
    characters besides the lead, Brian. Everyone else seemed to have their lives in order and wished for Brian to get onboard. I\'ve never taken the time to write a review before, partly because there were so few shows that enjoyed as much as this one. If you haven\'t wathced it yet, and can stay awake until ten on Sunday night, could be a problem for me also, then I highly recommend this one. Truly a fun experience.
  • really fantastic!!!!

    I love this new show so far it is really great with a superb cast. My favorite is Brain and marjorie but there are some other good ones to but they are my favorite so far. I mean Brian will always be my favorite no matter what because he is really cool, and an all around nice guy. The only thing I really can\'t get into is the storyline where there is supposed to be an open marriage I don\'t really get into that, but other than that is was a really great episode.
  • I didn\\\'t know what to think when I first watched this show. I want to show my support for the show. I recommend this show to anyone. It has something funny and interesting. Hopefully more people will start watching it. Its a different and good role for

    I didn\\\'t know what to think when I first watched this show. I want to show my support for the show. I think it was great. I don\\\'t want this show to be one of those shows that gets cancelled after a season. I really want to see this show last.
    The crazy car accident girl was funny! And its nice to see Barry Watson is this different role. He does a good job in it. By the end of this episode I knew that Dave and (of course) Brian were my favorite characters.
    I recommend this show to anyone. It has something funny and interesting. Hopefully more people will start watching it.
  • A lot happening in just one episode

    Brian falls for Marjorie who is his best friend's, Adam, girlfriend turned fiancee in this episode.

    Brian's sister, Nicole, and her husband (?), Angelo, are having a baby but they had a miscarriage.

    Dave and Deena's marriage is dull after having kids. She wants an open marriage to spice things up, but he doesn't feel comfortable with that.

    Brian meets Car Girl, Karen, when he ran into the back of her car. They go out, but Brian doesn't really like her. He's just trying to fill a void in his life. So Adam makes a pact with Brian that if he breaks up with Car Girl, Adam will break it off with Marjorie. Brian likes the sound of that. Somehow, Adam didn't follow through and Brian ends up getting his hopes up. He is disappointed to find out that not only Adam didn't break up with Marjorie, he proposed to her.

    While hanging out one night, Brian and Marjorie kissed. She disappears for a while and then he finds out that she's in Las Vegas, meeting Adam. Brian got a little freaked and drove there to profess his love for her. After saying all that he had to say, he wants everything (esp. them) to go back to normal. Marjorie asks "How can we do that?"

    At the end of the episode, Marjorie tries to set Brian up with a friend of hers.
  • A great first outing.

    This episode was so packed with information that I felt like I was watching a mini-movie. I thought it was a great episode, but that with so many characters (seven at least) things are bound to get confusing.
    Of course the most important three will be Brian, Marjorie and Adam. And in any show about a love triangle there is the initial feelings, the action (the kiss in the closet), the revelation, and the interruption. Classic love triangle. Hopefully it will be resolved because I don't know how long a love triangle can go on when so many people already know about it (Brian and Marjorie of course, and Dave).

    The side stories were interesting, but sad and were kind of a letdown for a pilot episode. Nicole's miscarriage would have been more sad if there had been more build-up to it; after all, we'd only seen her for about two minutes in the pilot thus far. I understand that it was to motivate Brian to take action, but besides the motivating factor it was almost a non-plot point. And Dave and Deanna's open marriage was kind of out of the blue. Poor Dave not knowing what happened (presumably between Deanna and the yoga instructor). I feel like that plotline could get really stale really fast.

    Overall a good first outing, although you really just want to see the Brian/Marjorie storyline and forget about the others.

    Hopefully this one will do well, but with a midseason replacement (even one with so many semi-recognizable characters) you never know what will happen.

    I just hope that Barry Watson doesn't fall victim to the sitcom curse, that people won't be able to see him as anything other than Matt Camden from 7th Heaven. He did a great job in this episode, hope it continues.
  • Wow. Pretty good for a pilot episode. I thought this was gonna be a load of crud!

    I have to admit that this is a good show so far. It's well written, superbly acted, and somewhat humourous. The young actors are great and fit their roles respectively. They weren't too big on the humor but more on the drama about the guy who is left over, and the marriages that seem perfect but in fact there are many dark parts, one being temptation.
  • Great Pilot, I hope they keep the momentum!

    This was an entertaining and enjoyable episode! It was a good start, I hope they keep it up. I\'m happy to see Barry Watson survived his 7th Heaven role and was able to break out into his own show. What About Brian? Well, he is a member of a growing trend of 30-somethings who are still trying to figure out where they fit in and who they fit in with. As we see Brian go through all his relationships, I\'m happy that from the pilot episode his love interest (his best-friend\'s girl) knows how he feels about her. I would have hated to see the show based on a secret crush wondering if he was ever going to make his move. It was smart of TPTB to get it out in the open from now. Plus it leaves room for better storylines like. . . does she feel the same about him?