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  • Great show on the wrong network.

    Ok, Another show that J.J. Abrams had a part in that was GREAT! Instead of the teens and the twenty-somethings, you had a show about thirty-somethings and it had a superb cast. This show's cast is what made the show so great. I really miss this show. The complete series is available on DVD, and I went out and bought it just to see the last 5 epsiodes that I missed. I found myself watching the entire series from the beginning becuase it was fun to watch the whole show again.

    Although it is over, I am glad I was able to at least see the last epsiodes. Too bad ABC dropped the ball with another J.J. Abrams show (Six Degrees). They didn't even bother putting that one on DVD. What is wrong with ABC? I feel as if all they want to produce are Sex and the city clones. They already have Desperate Housewives, and they butchered Grey's Anatomy's storylines too. Then came Dirty Sexy Money. Uggh. If it were not for LOST, I'd boycott ABC altoghter.
  • This show was way too unfocused!

    The first 5 episodes (being the whole of season 1) was super duper awesome!! but then in the 2nd season, they really started losing focus when they got rid of marjorie who was like a main character, and brian's storyline kinda revolved around that. they tried to act like marjorie wasn't brian's soulmate at all, then what the heck was all the first season crap for? why'd they bother taking it in that direction and making u want brian and marjorie together.....i think that was the biggest mistake they made with What about Brian, and then also getting rid of that one guy who was brian's sister's husband and having him die........like it made me feel like this show just tosses out characters left and right, and ur still left trying to figure out who on the show is actually gonna stick around and where the heck they're going with the story. This show started off good, and then ended up like what the heck are they trying to tell us. This show had potential but definitely needed some major fixing!
  • Story of Brian and his friends, family and finding 'the one' and knowing what to do when you do find 'her'.

    What is going on with TV execs these days? Honestly, have they all lost the plot? This is the best show i've seen in years. And it only got 2 seasons. That's just crazy. The most well cast, well scripted, moving, funny (need i go on) show to hit tv in years. This show should inspire others, it certainly did me. Well done to everyone involved in creating it and boo to those who only look at statistics instead of how much people actually love something. Maybe they could do a reunion show to end it off the way we all desperately needed it to be.... please....
  • I absolutely loved this show!!! Please bring it back...

    This show had some of the best chemistry... I can't believe they didn't bring it back. I looked forward to watching it every week. I loved it!!!

    What does a fan have to do to make sure their favorite show doesn't get removed from the schedule?? I didn't even know that the last episode I watched was the "series finale." Can't the network at least warn you that a show is getting cancelled? I think it's lousy that they cancelled this show. I would like to see them bring it back -- and soon.

    Why do all the best shows get cancelled?? Please bring "What About Brian?" back!!!
  • I Miss what about Brian !!

    I really miss the show, I hope you bring it back very soon.
    It is a great show. I have a few favorite's and that was one of them. It seems just when I find a show I like then it disapears. Now one they can take off the air and that is Ugly Betty. What a Stupid show that is. I don't understand why they took what about Brian off the air.
    please please bring the show back. It will be welcome'd back forsure. Just when I find one I like they take it off the air. I sure hope it comes back soon!

    thank you !
  • This was a great show. When is it coming back on? Please bring it back!!!!!!

    Fabulous Show!!!!!! It keeps you on your toes, looking forward to whats going to happen next. It leaves you waitng and looking forward to the next week to see what, when, and who's doing what to whom or with whom. Every episode is different, not the same repeat of the episode before. Its not like all the other shows out there. I've been waiting for its return. When is it coming back on for season 3 or is it? They have got to bring this back at least to finish the story line, instead of leaving everyone hanging on to.........nothing. Please bring this wonderful show back on the air and get rid of the stupid new shows like Pushing Daisies, and some of those other 30 minute shows that no one watches.
  • What About Him

    What about him sticking what about in front of every episode title it's stupid yes we get it the show is called what about Brian it doesn't make it like friends or Seinfeld where every title started with the one with or the one where or just The utterly pointless. The real question is what about him, Brian is a smug git approaching middle age agonising over problems nobody could possibly care about, oh my god should i date this beautiful woman or the other one, should i get a real job or try to find myself co i'm a deep and serious not,as for his friends including the token black guy all are equally a bunch of insipid boring unoriginal cut and paste characters with problems that are either stupid or have been done before and done better on other shows. It is bad and should be binned total trash.

    The high score of 1.2 is purely because some of the women in have been truly attractive, the 1 is for them the .2 is for the show itself.
  • personal favorite, better every season. I am patiently awaiting its return. do they ever outright let you know if a show has been cancelled? you just wonder and leave it on your tivo auto record... just in case. When is it coming back?

    Waiting waiting waiting for its return. When is the new season going to start? They need to bring is back. The last espisode was not series finale -- in fact it wasn't even a season finale... what happend? i know it had viewers. Great show!!! I want "What About Brian" to return. Even my hubby liked this show. It is not one of the shows that he calls "teeny bopper- its okay to have sex as a teenager with whoever and evryone you want" shows. It is a real like , real experience show, only its not reality tv. It is a tv drama and a good one. It is a great show especially for those of us who grew up watching 90210. This is us now matured and still craving a great show with a great story line and not to many characters to follow. These characters are a tight group of family and friends, just like 90210, but they are older, out of college with kids (some of them. They are going through this like what we go through in our daily lives. Cheating, falling in love, rekindling the marriage, kids, just daily life in america with out the reality tv garbage. Just clean daily life in tv drama form. Absolutely wonderful-- now where did it go?
  • Bring this wonderful show back and very soon.

    I want this show to come back on I absolutely loved this.I hate it when a really good show comes on and then leaves you haning wondering whats going to happen next and then it never comes on again.BRING IT BACK!!!!!! I mean I was really liking how things were coming with Deana and her husband I wanted to see how things came out also with Brian. I noticed he was on a new show already so this show probably isnt going to come back. Just to let my word be known I really like this show and I want it to come back,,,end of story...
  • BRING back What about Brian - can't understand why when you get a good show you don't give it a chance. You took off Commander and Cheif and now this. Who is making these decisions. Bring it back and October Road; Finally something worth watching

    I love What about Brian. It's funny, and dramatic, and warm, and entertaining. You need to bring it back. People can relate to these characters. It's one of those shows that take you away from the every day duldromes, and lifts you up. The characters are teriffic, the cast is wonderful. ENTERTAINING to say the least. Please bring it back. This is one worth watching, it's one of those feel good shows, and we need more of them and less of the violence and police shows. It's someting I could watch with my teenagers, and they enjoyed it as well. That is rare in of itself. Love this show.
  • why was it pulled?

    when it rates so highly. yet another show that is a two season wonder! What am I going to do without this show to make the week so much brighter. The characters are great the storylines are fantastic and engrossing. What more can you want from a tv show! What about brian gets axed yet stupid Lost and desperate housewives live on?????? WHere is the justice! I hope that all involved with what about brian continue to work on other excellent shows that manage to servive the corporate hoo haa that seems to be tv these days! Its all money instead of quality tv!
  • Bring back WHAT ABOUT BRIAN!

    You give us 2 seasons of a great show like "What About Brian", then you take it away and give us back to back Wife Swap and then Super Nanny. What a worthless waste of 3 hours. Where do they find these people? My wife and I really looked forward to watching W.A.B. each Monday night. The stories were sensitive, warm, funny, sad, and entertaining.
    All of the characters had an endearing quality and seemed genuinely real. They dealt with real life situations. Just like we in the real world do. It always left you wondering and looking forward to the next eppisode.
    Bring back WHAT ABOUT BRIAN!
  • Fun comedy/drama show dealing with Brian and his groups of friends and their social lives, their jobs and their ups and downs.

    An extremely underrated and sadly prematurely cancelled show.

    While the show is called "What About Brian" it's certainly not just about Brian. His friends feature prominently and sometimes take the spotlight, which is as it should be.

    The series starts off with Brian, the single guy, while all his friends are in relationships.

    Over the course of the series, these relationships break down, Brian becomes involved, becomes single again. Just like real life. People in this series make mistakes, lose jobs, sleep with the wrong people, even fall in love with the wrong people. That's exactly part of the appeal of the series. It's instantly recognisable. It's also very well acted and written and deserved at least a third season!
  • Please do not cancel What About Brian!! I absolutley love this show and do not want it to end. If it is coming back for another season - great, if not, please bring it back!!!!!

    I am not sure if What About Brian is returning for another season. I absolutely love this show. It has been my favorite somewhat new show. I look forward to Monday night just because of this program. I am single and all my friends are married, so I can so relat to this show. I love all the couples and all the different personalities!! When I pull up the website, it says that the status of the show is "ended". I really hope that that is not the case because it is my favorite show on TV. Please keep this TV show on for many more seasons!!!!!!!!!!
  • BRING BACK BRIAN. What About Us?

    This is the most amazing show. Unfortunately, someone dropped the ball and short changed the viewers at the end of the season. The show has been cancelled with many viewers wanting more. Terrific show, unfortunate end.
    But isnt that how most of the good ones end? There are an unbelievable amount of us out here who need more than reality televison, and that is what What About Brian gave us. Anything but reality, yet it was so real. I love real tv, but not reality. Every character in What About Brian is believable and REAL. It was like coming home every Monday night. Please bring my home back.
  • whats happening with "what about brian"???

    i'm from australia, and the "last episode EVER" of 'what about brian' played tonight... and there are so many loose ends, especially between brian, stephanie and laura, and i was wondering how i could find out what happens!!!! is the show only stopping in australia, and if so, if any one else know what happens next season PLEASE let me know!! :) thanks
    it is a classic show though - it got better as the season went on, and i really want to keep watching it. dina and dave are my personal favourite - FINALLY back together at last! and i think adam is gold - very funny and random.
    all up, a good watch
  • Great stuff!

    What About Brian is on the same lines as other US comedy dramas such as Fraiser and Friends.When you see the adverts,you think it's just smug,pretty American actors woking with cheesy jokes.But you couldn't be more wrong!
    WAB is an engaging and superbly acted friendship drama.Each character's story feels important to you.This show can be very amusing,as Brian[amazingly portrayed by Barry Watson]screws up infront of his friends and those he's romantically involved with.
    Overall,What About Brian is a unmissable comedy-drama TV event
  • A show about single man Brian and his coupled up friends, their relationships and true love.

    Brian is sweet, funny and lovable, with a tendency to be neurotic and a fear of commitment. Nicole is very funny in her attempts at motherhood with little baby Bella and when she and Deena get together their gossip and girly stuff is hilarious. Dave is really lovable and him and Deena are the world definition of true love. Then there's Adam, the good at heart, confident best friend who has a very complicated love life. Last but not least, the newbies, Jimmy and Ivy. Jimmy is Adam's work friend who is really really funny and Ivy is his the upfront, honest, sarcastic but hysterical wife.
    This show is brilliantly acted, cleverly written, set to a magnificent soundtrack and definitely a classic. WATCH IT.
  • The show revolves around a group of friends and the main character is Brian and his best friend Adam. It centers around all their love lives. This show demonstrates the perfect meaning of family. its unique since it actually films at actual places!

    WHAT THE HECK??!!!!!ARe the producers crazy???or are the viewers?this show was completely awesome!!!i think if it was in a better time slot or more ads would have boosted the show's ratings!i hardly ever heard about it.i am so devastated and angry that this show got canceled!!!!!!this deserves to be on the air!give it one more try! the plot is great! all the actors are perfectly cast.gosh i fell in love with this show juss by watching all the episodes online and watched all of them in less than a week!thats how awesome it was!=[
  • Nice one!

    I turned to this show by accident and I could not turn away. I loved the show's premise where love is portrayed in 4 stages - the single dating scene; a couple before marriage; a married couple without children; and a long-wed married couple with many children. Each of the different stages faces their own problems and they have to figure out ways to deal with them, and the show does not try to convince you about which stage is the best. The single guy faces as many problems as the married couples, so it is up to the viewer to decide what to do. Of course, there are some twists involved in addition to these stages, but the show is great to watch.

    The actors fit their roles entirely and the problems they face can be identified by all people who have ever been in love. In an era where Friends, Sex and the City, Everybody loves Raymond and other quality shows that depicted the relationships of people in a comedic sense are gone, I'm glad that there is finally a new show to continue this genre. I only hope the rest of the series continues like this and keeps my interest!
  • If the intention is to annoy viewers about Brian and Adam's puerile immaturity, aided and abetted by people who behave like 15 year olds in a school playground, you have succeeded. If not, do you really think this is a great life role model for people?

    Production is pretty good, and acting has to be pretty good to stir up such antipathetic feelings towards these two drongos who pass up any semblance of a mature relationship for more "Hey Jimmy" bimbos and a nymphomaniacs. Brian at 32 or thereabouts is persuasive as a gormless nobody with no future, Adam as a two-timing chancer with no redeeming characteristics that I can discerne.

    Are we going to see some sense out of all this? So far the principal plot could be played more convincingly by rabbits.

    Perhaps the best ending to this sorry saga would be if all the characters were simultaneously run over by a large bus.
  • It's like a warm, cozy blanket!

    I love most of the characters on this show, and that's hard to pull off. I think all of the actors are definite eye candy as well. As for the show itself, I find it touching, heartwarming and sometimes painful because it isn't afraid to depict the pain we feel in relationships sometimes, not just romantic ones, but family and friends as well. It's taken a few twists and turns at times that I wasn't expecting and it kept it me hooked. I look forward to watching this show every week! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!
    PLEASE don't cancel it, it's GREAT!
  • What happened...

    This show started of brilliantly, it had me on the edge of my seat eagarly awaiting next weeks episode. However after the 'What about the wedding' episode it appears to go downhill very very very fast. The special something that made so excited to see what would happen next has disappeared. The tension and story lines at the begining of the show were a display of clever writing. Will be very interesting to see what direction they take the show in now as it seamed to be built totally around the onriginal love triangle although other story lines did surface. All and all a lot of improvements need to be made for the next season
  • This has to be one of the best shows on television right now, with real staying power. It may be the next friends, (dare I say it).

    This show has me singing the intro tune. I like the new characters, the core characters, the get togethers, the break-ups. This show has great dialogue, great characters who are truthfully presented by the actors, great story lines and great twists. The show makes me look forward to Mondays. "Calling on Friends, people I met on the way down..."
  • It seems last season was more intersting to me now things are going downhill quickly without Margarie.

    I liked it better when Marjarie was in the picture, I felt her and Brian belong together it seemed to make sense especially since she called off her wedding to Adam. Really thought that would go another route. I hope things pick up quickly getting a little bored with the story line but will keep watching for now. Dave and Deena need to either get on with it or get over it if you ask me. Couples get married and divorced all the time but I do not think I could ever forgert my spouse being with someone else espcially if I had to see that person often.
  • Review

    What I like about this show is that its the first "Drama Romance" television show that I could actually say I enjoy watching and not simply because I think its a guilty pleasure. I think the show has some of the best writing among drama shows that I have ever seen. I really respect the writers for not being afriad to just "off" characters to drop a huge bomb on the audiance. A lot of people may feel that with big characters such as Marjorie and Heather leaving the picture that the show becomes less watchable, but I really enjoy those moments at the end of the episode that just leave you feeling "WOW". I think that the show is at its best when everyone has a little something going on in the romance department, but thats nothing new. I think this is a really good show and I certainly didn't expect it to be when I sat down to watch a few episodes on ABC.com. Certainly one of my new favorites.
  • I really hope that this show has staying power . . .

    because its awesome! The characters are all likeable, for the most part (Regulars)- and the s/l has been pretty solid thorughout the second season. To me, this is like the new Melrose Place-but with a lot more intellect and class and less trash. There's still scandal and betrayal, lots of relationships swirling around, and Brian, the mild-mannered, pushover of a guy, is at the center of the action. Although this show was built around a love triangle, it's so much more than that- it's about love and lost and how friendship can endure both! Great show which EVERYONE should try at least once.
  • Adam told Margarie that it is too late and booted his wife to the curb. Brians girlfriend said that the friends are too protective. Dave agrees to the surgery. Margarie is leaving town to stay away from Adam. Brian is finally making a commitment!!

    What about Brian...thank you. I know have something to look forward to on Mondays. The only problem is that I carry the effects of this fabulous show through the week. Adam has been a topic of several conversations in our home. I usually start by saying, "What is he thinking..". My husband usually end the conversation with, "Yeah, well Margarie is hot and she's a doctor..". I truly enjoy the multiple story lines and the surprising twists. I only hope that What About Brian does not get cancelled like too many other shows that I have enjoyed. What is wrong with having a light-hearted romanic comedy on the air? Do we really need more CSI's or Law and Orders?
  • One of the BEST shows on TV!!!

    This is one of my favorite shows ever! It's about everyday life that I can totally relate to. Love the cast! Love the story lines! The relationships, friendships, your normal ups and downs; it's all packaged in a great story about a group of young people in LA that have a very special bond. I love how they all look out for each other and no matter what, they're always there; through thick and thin. New people that come on the show and into the lives of the other cast members also add a great mix and chemistry. Keep up the great work! I'm hooked!
  • OMG!!!

    The reason I started watching this show was, Barry Watson..from 7th Heaven(Matt)..lol But I truely love this show..it is great and funny. Rick Gomez who plays Dave is an amazing actor and same goes for Amanda Detmer who plays Deena, they are great together and hoepfully the writers keep them together and not divorced. Barry is great as well in this show..he plays such a different character than in 7th Heaven and I would have never realized how good of an actor he really is if he never did this show...I would probably not be watching it because it would have never caught my eye without Barry.
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