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  • I am hooked since the first season. It is a modern version of Thirty Something. I liked Angelo & was not happy about his death, but tonights surprise twist with the new "hunky" nanny may be a very interesting angle. I hope he becomes a new love interest.

    THis show has it all, a great cast, just enough drama and subtle humor. It is a perfect show to sit and watch with your significant other at the end of the day. The characters have real problems, job losses, sick children and day to day struggles. Although I am over forty I still can relate to their same struggles, single parenthood, job struggles, relationship issues. I hope that the network keeps this around and doesn't let it flounder. It desrves a good following and I hoep they keep promoting it, I think it could become the new "thirty something"
  • Nicole tells both Deena and Dave that they can be in the delivery room for the birth of her baby. Brian goes on a company retreat and gets closer to Bridget. Adam realizes he doesn\'t want Heather to strip anymore.

    I found the episode Ok..It wasnt\' one of the best I\'ve seen. SO Deena and Dave are finally understanding that they really can\'t share their friends.. but neither of them want to give them up. I was actually glad Nicole kicked them both out of the delivery room. It was a sweet moment when Nicole is hugging Angelo\'s soccer uniform before giving both. She finally realizes, he will always be with her. The best part of the entire episode is when the entire group goes into the hospital room and sees the baby. This is what I typically expect from them. Being together as a group. I think I\'m just upset because the perfect couple Dave and Deena are obviously not getting back together especially since they are fighting over who saw which friends first. Then end of the show is where it gets interesting. Marjorie returns... What will happen? What will Brian do? What will the next episode reveal??
  • themusic is what is catching my attention!

    So Last night I was so excited about the song while they were in the delivery room, it was amazing!! I have to say that this show really does do a great job withtheir sound track. Iwanted you all to know that JEREMY LARSON is amazing, he was singing in the episode last night.... so I found him on myspace if you want to check out my new passion...
  • This is a great fun show with normal characters that we can all relate to. Keep up the good work.

    I love this show. Its fun to watch and think Dave is an absolute riot, these are the kind of people you wouldnt mind having as friends. They also deal with normal issues which make watching it more enjoyable and realastic. I have told my daughter to watch and she agrees, she loves it and all the girls in her dorm sit and chat while they watch it.
    Keep up the good work and continue to entertain us. We will keep watching and enjoying all the fun stuff they seem to get into. I cant wait to see what happens now that Marjorie is back.
  • Out of this world!!!!!!!!! One of my all time favorites.

    I think What About Brian is the best show that has come along in a long time. My only complaint is that Marjorie hasnt been on in a while. I thought the story line with her, Brian and Adam was the greatest. The anticipation every week was great. Please Bring her back on the show.
  • Needs to get rid of Briget and bring back Marjie!

    What about Brian started out really good at the beginning then they decided to switch out some of the casts and it went down hill from there, especially when they decided to cast Krista Allen (an ex porn star) to star in their show. Her acting is horrible......, she needs to change her career. PLEASE bring back Marjie (Sarah Lancaster), she was an excellent actress and we are hoping that Brian will end up with a sweet girl in the ending. My friends and I can not wait for Nicole to have her baby, this should be a great episode.
  • As a mom of 3 in my mid 30's I can totally relate to several characters on this show. I look forward to it every week! I certainly hope everone who watches this show sees how clever it is and how we can all see us in each characters shoes.

    Amazing! You must watch this show! I look forward to this show every week! I certainly hope everyone who watches this show sees how clever the writers are. I can guarantee you will feel like you know these characters or even feel like one of them! Reruns can be see on cable, set your tivo/dvr to Monday nights at 10pm if it is too late to stay up. it will be the best show on the next night too!
  • Season 1 and Season 2

    What About Brian is a refreshing and brilliant show. WOW, a show finally worth watching. All of my girlfriends and I watch and discuss the show, even my 66 year old mum loves to watch up here in Sarnia, Ontario. Bravo, Bravo. It is my "Thirty Something" for my generation. I can't wait to find out what happens this season. The characters are perfect, the actors are wonderful. The story line, you can relate to . We need to keep this show going. More people need to know about What About Brian. Each person I tell to watch gets hooked! Thanks ABC for continuing with the new episodes. we'll be watching up here in Canada. We love You Barry.
  • This show is one of my \"do not miss\" shows. Though not very many people watch this show, the ones that do are in love with it! Guilty Pleasure and Do not Miss show of the week- this show is so good that I have never missed an episode.

    This show is so good. I love the way they portray each character, and how each character is going through a differnt problem but when they all get together, they try to make it seem liek everything is okay. The reason why I gave this show a 9/10 was that in the past few episodes of this season, Marjorie has not appreared. I think that she show was much better when the majpor conflict revolved around her, and I love the Marjorir-Brian relationship. Hopefully the producer\'s finish off this season when the two of them getting together. But there is still a lot of episodes left so you never know where the storyline will go. Where is Marjorie and why isn\'t she coming back for Brian? Did she leave Adam for Brian or because she didn\'t love Adam? Why did they kill off Angelo? Are Deena and Dave going to get through their marriage? Will Brian ever find another true love? Tune in to What About Brian to find out what happens int hese situations and much much more ;)
  • A group of friends try to cope with their problems and personal relationships in today's society!

    This show is very thought-provoking and realistic in its portrayal of the problems people face in the world concerning relationships, whether that may be friendships, dating, being single, married or trying one\'s best to fit into society. Each character is flawed in some way, which makes him human and relatable to an audience. The show\'s blend of humor, drama and everyday dialogue makes it worthwhile to a broad audience. The show also continues to have some great twists and turns that you do not expect, which allows the audience to wait for the next show with eager anticipation. If you have not seen this show yet, please take a look because it deserves a chance to stay on the ABC schedule!
  • The creators, writers, producers and directors are DEAD on with this hit show!

    This show IS absolutely FABULOUS! I've watched from the very first episode and haven't missed one yet! The characters are great and the actors that portray them are even better. I hope this show sticks around for a long time! We need to keep great shows like this on the air!!
  • Great Characters but an okay show

    This is a show about a love triangle. A couple is getting married but there’s a conflict, the groom’s best friend falls in love with his girl. The bride seems to love the best friend too and she’s confused. Brain ( the best friend) apparently told the girl that he loves her but she was in love with her fiancée so Brain left town for a while and then decided to come back home for their wedding. Things stirred up and Brain and the girl find out they are still hot for each other. Things go wrong before the wedding and the girl seemed to disappear because she’s not sure which one she wants, her fiancée or the best friend?

    The show seems too much of OC for me. It’s just like any other show. I only watch it because there’s nothing on and I’m a fan of Barry Watson from 7th Heaven. It should be better.
  • Great show for males ?yes

    I liked it very much,it touch deeply the male feelings .
    I was sad for Brian,angry with Deena but sad for Dave.
    And the final is an JJ Abrahms touch.
    In this show you are always cut in 2 parts and you never know what character you prefer.Are you for marjorie or Adam,
    sometimes i am for one sometimes i am for the other
    Only Angelo character isn't weel builted,it's too stupid for being real.It is a stereotype of an italian male.
    I'm italian ,i love soccer as Angelo but i'm not so stupid(I hope)
    However it is stupid to write in 100 words what you can write in few words
  • Already my all-time favorite show!

    This show is SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!! I am so glad that it was picked up this fall. I saw all 5 of the episodes during the spring and couldn't wait for the summer to end so that it'd be time for the new season of "What About Brian!" Every commercial break I said out loud, "I love this show!" It's so powerful. I hope it stays around for a long time! I want it to come out on DVD so that I can watch the shows over and over. Yes, I am hooked. I will be devastated if this show is canceled. Everyone I know who has watched it loves it (and I've been recommending it to friends and family) -- so get the word out! The writing, acting, producing, directing, etc. are all excellent. If people watch, it's gonna succeed!
  • Great show for Barry Watson to do after 7th.

    Barry gives a good performance as the guy in love with his best friend's girlfriend. A giant leap from Matt on 7th Heaven. Hope second season is just as good. I hope Brian's sister and her husband get to have their children. The guy Deena slept with was very hot, and I don't think their marriage will last. I want Brian to be wil Margerie. I am a fan of Sarah Lancaster, since she was on Everwood.
  • What About Brian is a great new show & I'm happy to hear it's coming back for a second season!

    I've been waiting I won't say patiently to hear what the verdict is on What About Brian! I'm happy to say I just found out that it will be returning for a second season! There were a couple weeks that my Husband & I raced home on our motorcycle so we didn't miss this show! It was on during our riding time,but we always cut it short so we didn't miss a single minute! Barry Watson is fantastic & I hope to see him get the girl this season no matter what! Let's hope this show is around for years to come! I'll be counting down the days until October 9th for the return of a great show!
  • What About Brian is a hit!

    I watch many different shows - Grey's Anatomy, ER, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven and many others - and was hesitant to add another, especially with a cast member of one of my favorites [Barry Watson, 7th Heaven]. I had tried that once before this season and was thoroughly disappointed [Jared Padalecki, Supernatural]. For that reason, I didn't watch the series premiere of What About Brian. Then, a friend told me it was great, so I decided to watch and see. She was right! What About Brian is truly magnificent. It leaves you guessing, wishing, and wanting more. The chemistry between the actors is unbelievable. In the first few episodes, the writers were able to begin weaving the web of love, hate and deceit. I can't wait for the next season!
  • i missed ep 4 :( but all the rest were great

    hey, ive seen the rest of the episodes of this show, thought they were all great. got a pretty good story to them. the characters are well developed from the very first episode which is hard to do for a new show, this is a credit to the writers on the show. you really feel for the characters that have been created. i\'m really hoping this show gets another season because i would be disappointed otherwise. one thing is i missed episode 4. is there any way i can see this ep? online or re-runs or something? Catch you all later
  • This show is like no other.

    I was trying to think of a show that is like this one. The only show that is like it is Felicity. So if you change Felicity in to a guy and age her eight years this is what you got. Brian is a single guy in his thirty's and is looking for miss right. The girl he is in love with is his best friends fiance. The show revoles around Brian and his friends. This show is hip new and like no other. The acting is good. The writting is great. I don't know how many seasons this could last, stroyline wise but, i think the show could go for a couple of years. J.J. Abrams has another cult classic.
  • I really hope this show gets picked up again and does well. I tell everyone I know about it. I was really impressed with the acting and characters. It's a show that I look forward to watch every time. I don't want to miss one episode!

    This show is written really well. It relates to so many situations that you go through in life. I found it really well rounded. Not only did it make me laugh but it was also pretty realistic. I found the acting really good and it was a show I could really get into.

    I\'m am sooo in love with this show! I got hooked after the first two episodes, and from then on my boyfriend and I couldn\'t wait for Monday nights! It has a great cast, wonderful story lines and it\'s an all around really good show!!! I was surprised how much I loved it. I hope it gets picked up again!
  • Great story line about a single guy trying to make it in the world of dating! Also, a couple very much in love, however, they are growing bored with their sex life, so they wanna try an open marriage. Real life stuff.

    This show made me look forward to monday nights!!!! I MISS IT! I\'m black, there\'s not a black face on the show and i STILL love it! The characters are wonderful, the story lines are very real. It would be a shame to cut such a wonderful tv show, especially after we\'ve gotten to \"know\" the characters and their \"issues\". I\'ve recommended this show to several friends, hopefully we can make a \"what about Brian night\" every monday night! With all this reality show junk on tv, it\'s refreshing to turn on the tube to something with a great story line! BRING BRIAN BACK!
  • This is a real good show. How could you possibly not like this show? Barry Watson is in it.

    I thought this show was well done. It all starts with the supporting cast. They were able to I happen to think the cast is pretty good. You have to like the music they play in this show. First show come on now the who-baba oriely forget about it.
  • I wanted to like it because of Barry Watson but it is terrible.

    I thought this show was a complete waste of time, from the writing, to the acting and the storyline in general. I really couldn\\\'t find myself able to care about the characters and that being said is enough for me to never watch again. The characters are boring. The whole open marriage thing is ridiculous and ABC owners Disney should be ashamed. I wonder what Walt would think. The only thing that makes the situation worse is that ABC renewed it. This show had very low ratings and was ranked 120 for the season even below Emily Reasons Why Not. What was ABC thinking?
  • I love the show!!! You have to bring it back this fall!! My sister and I talk and update each other if she missed an episode. You have to keep the show.

    What about Brian is truely a great show! I love the fact that it talks about problems that we all face. The fact that it keeps you guessing and that the fact you can\'t wait to see if Deena does indeed cheat. Brian is great!! Please keep the show on air!!
  • This show is awesome new and a refreshing drama about friends famliy and life in your 30's

    this show is one of the best shows on primetime that i have seen in a long time. the story lines are funny and intrigueing. Never have i rooted for a husband to cheat on his wife like i have in this show. It's refreshing to see what goes on in the lives of theese 30 somethings. How real it is to see what a couple that obviously married to young go thru trying to refind themselves. a woman who put her carreer before famliy trying to have it all,but her body says it might be to late and the Bachelor that isn't sure he's ready give up being single. this show is just what is needed on tv. just my opinion.one episode you'll be hooked
  • I absolutely love this show and want very much to see it continue.

    This has been one of those awesome shows containing comedy, drama, and everyday life that people can identify with. It has real life situations, real friendships, real relationships and I found myself totally immersed in it. I hope it comes back on during the summer when everything else is in reruns. The characters are very likeable and there is a Friends type theme going on and that is good.
  • A really good drama / comedy about a group of friends.

    A really good drama / comedy about a group of friends. I hope this show comes back. It had a very short start kind of like "The Office" in it's first year. I'm just hoping it is planned. A very nice group of actors. I think it is funny that the Arquette sisters were going at each other in the same time slot. Maybe CBS could either hire David or his wife Courtney and put that show on Monday's at 9pm / 10pm depending on your time zone. I hope that Brian and whats her name get things worked out. My god, how obvious does it have to be that two people are supose to be together.
  • Not a bad show, let's hope they can keep it up.

    I think this is a funny and thoughtful look at adult relationships. I like that the characters are captivating, their situations complicated, but I wonder about the Brian character. He's the one who seems two-dimensional. It also seems so obvious that he and Marjorie will eventually get together that I wonder what's the point. I'm really curious how the writers are going to keep us convinced.

    It really is easy to get into these characters' lives. They are sexy and fun and who doesn't want a group of friends like these that they can count on? I think it's a fun show and hope that they can keep the plot interesting enough to keep my attention. I like living vicariously through others' lives at times. I like it when they have the same challenges that I have and also have good experiences I can strive for. I really do hope this show can keep it up. Otherwise, toss it and come up with something new.
  • Pleae bring it back next season!

    There are so few shows on now that I really like and will actually make it a point to stay home and watch. This is one of them. I relate to Nic and Angleo because my husband and I are also going through fertility treatments. I like Brian a lot (not his hair though!) and root for him even if he does try to sleep with two girls in one day! He\'s a nice guy. I like having a love/hate thing for Deena. When Dave thinks he finds her cheating, it broke my heart. Margjorie is great and I like Adam but maybe not the two of them together. The actors are great and it feels like you might know these people. I am not one of those people who confuses real life with a \"stupid TV show\" but I really, really like this one and hope to see it next season!
  • I love this show. Please keep it on. I think it is so real and so full of life.It would be ashame to cancel such a show and keep us all on the edge of the couch. I hate when networks cancel shows before they are finished!!!!

    I absolutely love this show and I do hope they do not take this show off of the air. I just love everything about it and it keeps you on the edge of your seat for the next episodes!! PLEASE keep it on!!!!
    I loved Barry Watson on 7th Heaven and of course they took that show off of the air and I like seeing him in other roles. As for Sarah Lancaster I used to watch her in Saved by the Bell: The New Class and I liked her then. I just think this show is real and I hope the network agrees and sees how many people are watching this show and makes them keep it on. So keep voting everyone!!!!
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