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  • Watching the storyline of Brian and his friends is truly interesting. I love the \"open-marriage\" plot between Deena and Dave--also the fact that they both have a conscience about it. I also like the drama between Marjorie and Brian--unrequited love to

    Absolutely wonderful!!! I love this show! Can\'t wait for the next season of it. This truly makes my otherwise boring Monday night exciting! Great storyline and wonderful characters. I can hardly wait to see what happens with Brian-Marjorie-Adam, Dave and Deena, Nicole and Angelo. I will be on the edge of my seat in anticipation of this show\'s return!
  • Love the show!!!! Please do not pull the plug!!!

    Never really care for any other shows that are going to be off air like this one. This show has a lot of potential to claim to the top, all the actors and actress are charming and very good at playing their role. What About Brian is a drama/comedy about three couples and Brian, which are the only one still single. The show review deep dark secret about marriage, relationship and friendship. I an mid 20\'s who are very terrify about marriage and watching this show give me a lot of perspective why the marriage usually doesn’t work, I have to keep on watching this show see what happen next.

    It truly is my new best friend. I am so excited about this show because it's one of few that my husband will actually take time out to watch with me! It's a great way for us to have something to talk about and look forward to together. So Please, DON'T CANCEL, I NEED THIS SHOW!!!!
  • What About Brian is a drama/comedy about three couples and Brian. Brian is the only one of the crew that is unattached. The show follows not only his search for the perfect woman to settle down with, but also the disfunctional sides of his friends' relati

    I love this show!!! The cast is superb. This could well be the next big hit for ABC. The characters are definitely tragically flawed. You cannot help but to become enthralled in the story. The married couple that have decided the best way to fix their broken marriage is to sleep with other people. Who can help but to be appalled and yet devilishly curious about the irony of that situation. Everyone knows that this is not the way to fix a failing marriage, but the couple seem oblivious to the road they are going down. Brian's sister and her husband want to have children, but the only way to do so is to take infertility drugs. Her husband is against conceiving this way so of course she is doing it behind his back. Watching the last episode I was rolling over the effect the drugs had on her. Of course there is Brian's best friend and his fiancee. This makes for the biggest mess on the show. Brian is in love with his best friend's girl. The chemistry between Brian and Marjorie is unmistakeable. You find yourself rooting for the two of them to be together, although this would of course be devastating to his best friend. I really hope this show gets picked up for the fall season because I can't wait to see where it goes next!
  • I really like the reality shown in this show. Not everyone is able to concieve. Not everyone has the perfect marriage. But, there are some things I'd change about this show.

    Barry Watson is so perfect for the role of Brian. The man, the bachelor. But I don't like the "open marriage" thing going on with Deena and Dave. I'm sure that some might think an "open marriage" is an option, but if it were up to me, just let them separate. If Deena isn't into Dave anymore, maybe she should just let go and go be with her single dad friend. Dave is stupid to give in to Deena.
    Whats up with Adam and Marjorie? That relationship is just wierd! Doctors and lawyers just don't mix!
    This show is really cool and has my attention more than Desprate Housewives! The characters are just more real. The fact the show is on so late at night is also nice. The kids don't interrupt me while I'm watching my "guilty pleasure" show!!!
  • This is such an awesome show! Tonight's show to me was the best although I have loved all of them so far. NOT disappointed at all! I really like it better than Desparte Housewifes. This show is something to talk about! Keep them coming and we are watching

    This show is so great! I love it because me and my husband can finally sit down and enjoy something to watch together when our children are finally go to bed! We can\'t WAIT FOR Monday night\'s now! I think I have all my friend\'s and family now watching it! Hope this one stays around for a long time! Great Show and the all the CAST member\'s are awesome! You just keep them coming and we will be watching!I do have one question though? Why is this show already having a finally when it just started? SO SAD! We would love to see more.~
  • Great show...

    Considering that What About Brian? has only been on for the past few weeks, I think we have a very good show on our hands. I hope that it gets the credit it deserves and stays on for a very long time. It's nice to see a show that takes different aspects of relationships and shows good and bad points. Also the secret feelings between Brian and Marjorie add an interesting view to the show. Brian tries to leave his feelings for Marjorie behind as his best friend gets ready to marry her, leaving him to try and find someone new to take his mind off Marjorie. Can't wait to see where this show goes next.
  • Has the potential to be a good show, if only it\'d stop trying to be so hip and let itself find a voice of its own.

    Realistic, hip, contemporary romcoms seem to be all the rage now. How I Met Your Mother, Love Monkey, and now What About Brian. Don't even remember how I discovered it. I think while perusing torrent sites.

    For some reason, the synopsis didn't inspire much confidence in me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't heard of it at all. Maybe it was having Barry Watson in the lead (he's a little too pretty to play a realistic, hip, contemporary lead). It just seemed a little .. trying hard.

    I'm about twenty minutes into the pilot and, sure enough, it smacks of mediocrity. The characters are a bit clichéd -- the married-with-kids couple that never has sex anymore, the single lead who's in love with his philandering best friend's fianceé (who's clearly the perfect woman in the world for the lead), etc.. -- as are some of the events. But it does have some cute moments.

    One kindasemimajor peeve is the overly-liberal use of a hip soundtrack. Baba O'Reily as he goes in to work as a hip indie game designer. American Girl as he and perfectGirl break into his apartment. An acoustic Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of as he wanders a hospital looking for perfectGirl (who's a doctor) in a lovelorn daze... It's just .. too much, too often. The music's great, but a good soundtrack isn't just about having cool songs. It's about using them wisely and sparingly. Sometimes the songs on the show come on within minutes of each other.

    The whole show just feels like it's trying a little too hard to be hip and contemporary and relevant. It's got some good moments (the dynamic/story between the married couple is especially engaging), but it's so mired in its own attempt to be cool that the few moments of authenticity get drowned out. It's a pity, because it does feel like it has promise.

    I don't think it'll last very long. It premiered only last week to little to no fanfare, and it's a one-hour show. Love Monkey kinda proved that one-hour romantic dramedies can be tricky. TV audiences generally don't have the patience for one-hour comedies.

    Either way, I have two more episodes to watch through. Maybe it just needs to get its feet. I'll watch through the other eps and see what I think afterward.
  • What about less cynicism? Thirty something for the 00's.

    Since I dont live in the US I don't know whether this has been hyped up but I really enjoyed this show. There aren't enough romantic comedies on at the moment anyway. OK so you have odd moments of romance in Prison break and Lost but they're so thinly stretched that you end up waiting about 5 episodes to get any kind of substance before it is cruelly snatched away. At last we have a show which gives us at little more. Not sure what the future episodes hold in store but What about Brian had a great start. Decent amount of pathos and humour balanced with some great observations about relationships & married life. Only risk with this show is that the key element to the plot- Brian's attraction to Marjory- could wear a little thin. Hope I'm proved wrong anyway.
  • Upbeat, fast-paced, light, funny...a nice show

    As I've already written in a couple of my reviews, the thing that gets me into shows most are diverse characters who all deal with with their own problems or with their own successes. What About Brian is again one of these shows; the chemistry between Brian and Marjorie was amazing, and there's a possibility to explore every other character further. This show thus has to possibility to grow a lot and attract a large audience. So, watch What About Brian, you won't be disappointed
  • Although I was simply tuning in to catch Barry Watson, as he played Matt Camden on 7th Heaven, I was impressed with 'What About Brian.'

    After watching the first two episodes of 'What About Brian' I'm hooked. And I know I'm not the only one.

    When I saw the first preview, I was a bit unsure about the show, simply because the preview was very long, and had a lot of things going on. I still tuned in to see Barry Watson. After watching the first episode, I loved it. It was funny, cute, and a whole lot more as well.

    I think the characters are great. Nic and Angelo, Adam and Marjorie, Dave and Deena, and of course, Brian. The story lines that go along with these characters are also quite amusing, cute, and well, sometimes just downright hilarious.

    I definitely can't wait to see what comes of this show. Hopefully we'll be seeing many more episodes, and seasons.
  • Loved it - sensitive to many relationship issues but not crude. Good, clean fun!

    I loved this, I really did... - watched it with my teen daughter and found it entertaining and funny, not rude, not too much sex. I found the characters very likeable, especially of course the cutie, Barry Watson. It is a good mix for teens, twenty-somethings, and thirty-somethings. Covered many different relationship issues from all stages of life. Made me laugh, made me cry! Thoroughly enjoyable - hope this doesn't get taken off the air!!! Will definitely be in my TiVo list :-)

    Ok, now I'm struggling to come up with a hundred words, but loved it, loved it, loved it!!!
  • Insipid and I'll Pass

    I seriously tried to watch What About Brian on Sunday and Monday. The whole show was insipid. The problem is I’m not sure my response is because the show was that bad, or because the people were so dim. The title character, Brian, is the seventh wheel among his friends - the only one left unattached. Everyone seems to wonder why he doesn’t keep girlfriends - I think it might be a good thing to actually like the girl you’re dating before you date her - but that’s just me. His friends are six more pieces of work, all with their own issues. Not one of these people move much passed being self absorbed. Maybe I’m just shallow and can only appreciate flawed characters with a noble purpose. Or maybe, I’m just as insipid as they are and don’t want to acknowledge it.
  • "From the producers of Lost and Alias and the screenwriter of City of Angels and For Love of the Game comes a contemporary, heartwarming ensemble show about a group of supportive friends in various stages of romantic relationships and friendships living i

    What can I say, I LOVE it! Ok, so it\'s just been 1 episode. I shouldn\'t really say that so early in the game, get my hopes so high and all, but... I don\'t know, maybe it\'s just the phase I\'m going through (more like my entire life, actually), but I really enjoyed the show, because I could relate to it and its premise: different stages of love, relationships and commitment, portrayed by different people who are all friends. Mostly, I relate to Brian... great guy, great friend, best man, romantic... and he can\'t seem to get past the single dating scene. Then, of course, I was married once and I don\'t look as good as Barry Watson (LOL), but hey, we got a LOT in common, believe me.
    Glad to see this genre looking so great again. It\'s got it all: drama, comedy, interesting twists, one night stands that turn into big problems, open marriage discussions, falling in love with your best friend\'s fiancée... jeez, can\'t wait for the next one! :)
  • I seen the previews for a couple of weeks before it debuted last night and I thought that it would last for a couple of episodes and that would be it but I watched it last night and its a really good show. It had everything for a great show.

    I love the show and it has everything that a great show to last seasons. It has comedy, drama, and a good love story that alot of people can prolly relate to, I know I can. It stars Barry Watson, Matt I believe from 7th Heaven and he is the only guy left in the group that is single and he loves his best friends girlfriend. My advice, if you haven't seen it watch it, its one of my favorite shows now.
  • So far so good.

    The pilot episode was pretty interesting (and a little drama-filled) with likable characters and a good central theme.

    What's real about Brian is that his character is believable and one can sympathize with his problem, because some of us have been there and have gone through the trials and errors of dating and falling for a best friend's love interest.
  • Great episode last night. I hope it's going to stay that way, and on the air!

    Last night, I didn't have anything to watch after Desperate Housewives, so I stayed tune for this new show, What about Brian. When I heard that it was the same team that was behind Felicity and Lost, I said...why not?!?

    I have to say, it was pretty good. It was, sometimes funny, other times romantic...well it was good! I can't wait for tonight's episode.
  • After catching the pilot this evening, I want to voice my support for this lovely new show. It's romantic, endearing, and hooked me to the characters within the first few minutes.

    After catching the pilot this evening, I want to voice my support for this lovely new show. It's romantic, endearing, and hooked me to the characters within the first few minutes. Barry Watson plays the kind of guy every girl dreams of, and it's refreshing to see a good old love story after so much reality crap. Not to mention a solid soundtrack, which is always a bonus in a good show.

    However, I am wary of cancel-happy network executives this show shouldn't be subjected to too soon, as I think many TV watchers will grow to love it (particularly women). I highly recommend this show - give it a chance!
  • Going To Watch

    Im going to try to catch atleast the 1st epiode of this. The reason Ill be watching this is becase I've always watched 7th Heaven and he has a great personality to himself. And judging by the previews it seems to carry a similar charecter in some sense.
    I would prefer to watch 7th HEaven but Ive got nothing else to watch during that Timeslot so OK.
  • Previews point to something worth watching.

    What about life? What about this show? Well I'll tell you what about this show. The previews make it seem interesting. It might be interesting, since I enjoy these dramas about a loser character who becomes a winner. Exactly like my life. I was a loser loser. Now I'm slowly winning back my dignity one day at a time.
  • Waiting to see, how good or bad it will be.

    7th heaven is over (or at least is scheduled to end this season) and I enjoyed watching Barry Watson on that, although his role significantly reduced in recent seasons, so I am following him in to this show to see what he will do. I guess he isn't gonna be in the spinoff that rumors are going around about, lol.
  • So Barry Watson has quit 7th Heaven?

    What happened to Barry Watson being on 7th Heaven? Has he quit? He shouldn't. 7th Heaven has been around for 10 years and everyone knows that a lot of the new shows that come out never make it. Why leave a definite thing for something that may never be? He should go back to 7th Heaven full time instead of changing shows. But if this show makes it you better believe it that I will watch it. Barry Watson rocks!
  • What About Brain... coming this fall on ABC

    Well, since the show has not yet aired, I would have to say that I am not sure how it will do, however... they do have one advantage to staying on the air. His name is Raoul Bova. Raoul is an up and coming star in America, native of Italy. He has to be the most beautiful man in the world, from his beautiful green eyes, to his sexy smile, down to his handsom "everything else"...what woman would not want to watch this show, in order to view a handsome italian man with a gorgeous italian/american accent? If anything, this show will stay on the air, not because of the "wonderful writing", or it's "great actors", but because Raoul graces the screen and is every woman's fantacy come to life. He has been in "Alien VS. Predator," "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Avenging Angelo", not to mention 2 American Gap commercials and the new Latino Quarter commercial for "Bacardi". In his home land, Raoul is the equivilant to Tom Cruise or Brad Pit, starring in over 30 projects, from Movies to TV shows and a few theater productions. He is Italy's shining star and will win the hearts of millions right here in America. Keep an eye out for this guy. He will definately become a huge American Star.
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