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  • I wanted to like it because of Barry Watson but it is terrible.

    I thought this show was a complete waste of time, from the writing, to the acting and the storyline in general. I really couldn\\\'t find myself able to care about the characters and that being said is enough for me to never watch again. The characters are boring. The whole open marriage thing is ridiculous and ABC owners Disney should be ashamed. I wonder what Walt would think. The only thing that makes the situation worse is that ABC renewed it. This show had very low ratings and was ranked 120 for the season even below Emily Reasons Why Not. What was ABC thinking?
  • What About Him

    What about him sticking what about in front of every episode title it's stupid yes we get it the show is called what about Brian it doesn't make it like friends or Seinfeld where every title started with the one with or the one where or just The utterly pointless. The real question is what about him, Brian is a smug git approaching middle age agonising over problems nobody could possibly care about, oh my god should i date this beautiful woman or the other one, should i get a real job or try to find myself co i'm a deep and serious not,as for his friends including the token black guy all are equally a bunch of insipid boring unoriginal cut and paste characters with problems that are either stupid or have been done before and done better on other shows. It is bad and should be binned total trash.

    The high score of 1.2 is purely because some of the women in have been truly attractive, the 1 is for them the .2 is for the show itself.
  • So Barry Watson has quit 7th Heaven?

    What happened to Barry Watson being on 7th Heaven? Has he quit? He shouldn't. 7th Heaven has been around for 10 years and everyone knows that a lot of the new shows that come out never make it. Why leave a definite thing for something that may never be? He should go back to 7th Heaven full time instead of changing shows. But if this show makes it you better believe it that I will watch it. Barry Watson rocks!
  • If the intention is to annoy viewers about Brian and Adam's puerile immaturity, aided and abetted by people who behave like 15 year olds in a school playground, you have succeeded. If not, do you really think this is a great life role model for people?

    Production is pretty good, and acting has to be pretty good to stir up such antipathetic feelings towards these two drongos who pass up any semblance of a mature relationship for more "Hey Jimmy" bimbos and a nymphomaniacs. Brian at 32 or thereabouts is persuasive as a gormless nobody with no future, Adam as a two-timing chancer with no redeeming characteristics that I can discerne.

    Are we going to see some sense out of all this? So far the principal plot could be played more convincingly by rabbits.

    Perhaps the best ending to this sorry saga would be if all the characters were simultaneously run over by a large bus.
  • What About Brain... coming this fall on ABC

    Well, since the show has not yet aired, I would have to say that I am not sure how it will do, however... they do have one advantage to staying on the air. His name is Raoul Bova. Raoul is an up and coming star in America, native of Italy. He has to be the most beautiful man in the world, from his beautiful green eyes, to his sexy smile, down to his handsom "everything else"...what woman would not want to watch this show, in order to view a handsome italian man with a gorgeous italian/american accent? If anything, this show will stay on the air, not because of the "wonderful writing", or it's "great actors", but because Raoul graces the screen and is every woman's fantacy come to life. He has been in "Alien VS. Predator," "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Avenging Angelo", not to mention 2 American Gap commercials and the new Latino Quarter commercial for "Bacardi". In his home land, Raoul is the equivilant to Tom Cruise or Brad Pit, starring in over 30 projects, from Movies to TV shows and a few theater productions. He is Italy's shining star and will win the hearts of millions right here in America. Keep an eye out for this guy. He will definately become a huge American Star.
  • Insipid and I'll Pass

    I seriously tried to watch What About Brian on Sunday and Monday. The whole show was insipid. The problem is I’m not sure my response is because the show was that bad, or because the people were so dim. The title character, Brian, is the seventh wheel among his friends - the only one left unattached. Everyone seems to wonder why he doesn’t keep girlfriends - I think it might be a good thing to actually like the girl you’re dating before you date her - but that’s just me. His friends are six more pieces of work, all with their own issues. Not one of these people move much passed being self absorbed. Maybe I’m just shallow and can only appreciate flawed characters with a noble purpose. Or maybe, I’m just as insipid as they are and don’t want to acknowledge it.
  • This has to be one of the best shows on television right now, with real staying power. It may be the next friends, (dare I say it).

    This show has me singing the intro tune. I like the new characters, the core characters, the get togethers, the break-ups. This show has great dialogue, great characters who are truthfully presented by the actors, great story lines and great twists. The show makes me look forward to Mondays. "Calling on Friends, people I met on the way down..."
  • This show was way too unfocused!

    The first 5 episodes (being the whole of season 1) was super duper awesome!! but then in the 2nd season, they really started losing focus when they got rid of marjorie who was like a main character, and brian's storyline kinda revolved around that. they tried to act like marjorie wasn't brian's soulmate at all, then what the heck was all the first season crap for? why'd they bother taking it in that direction and making u want brian and marjorie together.....i think that was the biggest mistake they made with What about Brian, and then also getting rid of that one guy who was brian's sister's husband and having him die........like it made me feel like this show just tosses out characters left and right, and ur still left trying to figure out who on the show is actually gonna stick around and where the heck they're going with the story. This show started off good, and then ended up like what the heck are they trying to tell us. This show had potential but definitely needed some major fixing!
  • Needs to get rid of Briget and bring back Marjie!

    What about Brian started out really good at the beginning then they decided to switch out some of the casts and it went down hill from there, especially when they decided to cast Krista Allen (an ex porn star) to star in their show. Her acting is horrible......, she needs to change her career. PLEASE bring back Marjie (Sarah Lancaster), she was an excellent actress and we are hoping that Brian will end up with a sweet girl in the ending. My friends and I can not wait for Nicole to have her baby, this should be a great episode.
  • Not a bad show, let's hope they can keep it up.

    I think this is a funny and thoughtful look at adult relationships. I like that the characters are captivating, their situations complicated, but I wonder about the Brian character. He's the one who seems two-dimensional. It also seems so obvious that he and Marjorie will eventually get together that I wonder what's the point. I'm really curious how the writers are going to keep us convinced.

    It really is easy to get into these characters' lives. They are sexy and fun and who doesn't want a group of friends like these that they can count on? I think it's a fun show and hope that they can keep the plot interesting enough to keep my attention. I like living vicariously through others' lives at times. I like it when they have the same challenges that I have and also have good experiences I can strive for. I really do hope this show can keep it up. Otherwise, toss it and come up with something new.
  • Nice one!

    I turned to this show by accident and I could not turn away. I loved the show's premise where love is portrayed in 4 stages - the single dating scene; a couple before marriage; a married couple without children; and a long-wed married couple with many children. Each of the different stages faces their own problems and they have to figure out ways to deal with them, and the show does not try to convince you about which stage is the best. The single guy faces as many problems as the married couples, so it is up to the viewer to decide what to do. Of course, there are some twists involved in addition to these stages, but the show is great to watch.

    The actors fit their roles entirely and the problems they face can be identified by all people who have ever been in love. In an era where Friends, Sex and the City, Everybody loves Raymond and other quality shows that depicted the relationships of people in a comedic sense are gone, I'm glad that there is finally a new show to continue this genre. I only hope the rest of the series continues like this and keeps my interest!
  • Waiting to see, how good or bad it will be.

    7th heaven is over (or at least is scheduled to end this season) and I enjoyed watching Barry Watson on that, although his role significantly reduced in recent seasons, so I am following him in to this show to see what he will do. I guess he isn't gonna be in the spinoff that rumors are going around about, lol.
  • Has the potential to be a good show, if only it\'d stop trying to be so hip and let itself find a voice of its own.

    Realistic, hip, contemporary romcoms seem to be all the rage now. How I Met Your Mother, Love Monkey, and now What About Brian. Don't even remember how I discovered it. I think while perusing torrent sites.

    For some reason, the synopsis didn't inspire much confidence in me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't heard of it at all. Maybe it was having Barry Watson in the lead (he's a little too pretty to play a realistic, hip, contemporary lead). It just seemed a little .. trying hard.

    I'm about twenty minutes into the pilot and, sure enough, it smacks of mediocrity. The characters are a bit clichéd -- the married-with-kids couple that never has sex anymore, the single lead who's in love with his philandering best friend's fianceé (who's clearly the perfect woman in the world for the lead), etc.. -- as are some of the events. But it does have some cute moments.

    One kindasemimajor peeve is the overly-liberal use of a hip soundtrack. Baba O'Reily as he goes in to work as a hip indie game designer. American Girl as he and perfectGirl break into his apartment. An acoustic Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of as he wanders a hospital looking for perfectGirl (who's a doctor) in a lovelorn daze... It's just .. too much, too often. The music's great, but a good soundtrack isn't just about having cool songs. It's about using them wisely and sparingly. Sometimes the songs on the show come on within minutes of each other.

    The whole show just feels like it's trying a little too hard to be hip and contemporary and relevant. It's got some good moments (the dynamic/story between the married couple is especially engaging), but it's so mired in its own attempt to be cool that the few moments of authenticity get drowned out. It's a pity, because it does feel like it has promise.

    I don't think it'll last very long. It premiered only last week to little to no fanfare, and it's a one-hour show. Love Monkey kinda proved that one-hour romantic dramedies can be tricky. TV audiences generally don't have the patience for one-hour comedies.

    Either way, I have two more episodes to watch through. Maybe it just needs to get its feet. I'll watch through the other eps and see what I think afterward.
  • Nicole tells both Deena and Dave that they can be in the delivery room for the birth of her baby. Brian goes on a company retreat and gets closer to Bridget. Adam realizes he doesn\'t want Heather to strip anymore.

    I found the episode Ok..It wasnt\' one of the best I\'ve seen. SO Deena and Dave are finally understanding that they really can\'t share their friends.. but neither of them want to give them up. I was actually glad Nicole kicked them both out of the delivery room. It was a sweet moment when Nicole is hugging Angelo\'s soccer uniform before giving both. She finally realizes, he will always be with her. The best part of the entire episode is when the entire group goes into the hospital room and sees the baby. This is what I typically expect from them. Being together as a group. I think I\'m just upset because the perfect couple Dave and Deena are obviously not getting back together especially since they are fighting over who saw which friends first. Then end of the show is where it gets interesting. Marjorie returns... What will happen? What will Brian do? What will the next episode reveal??
  • Great Characters but an okay show

    This is a show about a love triangle. A couple is getting married but there’s a conflict, the groom’s best friend falls in love with his girl. The bride seems to love the best friend too and she’s confused. Brain ( the best friend) apparently told the girl that he loves her but she was in love with her fiancée so Brain left town for a while and then decided to come back home for their wedding. Things stirred up and Brain and the girl find out they are still hot for each other. Things go wrong before the wedding and the girl seemed to disappear because she’s not sure which one she wants, her fiancée or the best friend?

    The show seems too much of OC for me. It’s just like any other show. I only watch it because there’s nothing on and I’m a fan of Barry Watson from 7th Heaven. It should be better.
  • This show is like no other.

    I was trying to think of a show that is like this one. The only show that is like it is Felicity. So if you change Felicity in to a guy and age her eight years this is what you got. Brian is a single guy in his thirty's and is looking for miss right. The girl he is in love with is his best friends fiance. The show revoles around Brian and his friends. This show is hip new and like no other. The acting is good. The writting is great. I don't know how many seasons this could last, stroyline wise but, i think the show could go for a couple of years. J.J. Abrams has another cult classic.
  • Going To Watch

    Im going to try to catch atleast the 1st epiode of this. The reason Ill be watching this is becase I've always watched 7th Heaven and he has a great personality to himself. And judging by the previews it seems to carry a similar charecter in some sense.
    I would prefer to watch 7th HEaven but Ive got nothing else to watch during that Timeslot so OK.
  • whats happening with "what about brian"???

    i'm from australia, and the "last episode EVER" of 'what about brian' played tonight... and there are so many loose ends, especially between brian, stephanie and laura, and i was wondering how i could find out what happens!!!! is the show only stopping in australia, and if so, if any one else know what happens next season PLEASE let me know!! :) thanks
    it is a classic show though - it got better as the season went on, and i really want to keep watching it. dina and dave are my personal favourite - FINALLY back together at last! and i think adam is gold - very funny and random.
    all up, a good watch
  • It seems last season was more intersting to me now things are going downhill quickly without Margarie.

    I liked it better when Marjarie was in the picture, I felt her and Brian belong together it seemed to make sense especially since she called off her wedding to Adam. Really thought that would go another route. I hope things pick up quickly getting a little bored with the story line but will keep watching for now. Dave and Deena need to either get on with it or get over it if you ask me. Couples get married and divorced all the time but I do not think I could ever forgert my spouse being with someone else espcially if I had to see that person often.
  • I really hope that this show has staying power . . .

    because its awesome! The characters are all likeable, for the most part (Regulars)- and the s/l has been pretty solid thorughout the second season. To me, this is like the new Melrose Place-but with a lot more intellect and class and less trash. There's still scandal and betrayal, lots of relationships swirling around, and Brian, the mild-mannered, pushover of a guy, is at the center of the action. Although this show was built around a love triangle, it's so much more than that- it's about love and lost and how friendship can endure both! Great show which EVERYONE should try at least once.
  • i missed ep 4 :( but all the rest were great

    hey, ive seen the rest of the episodes of this show, thought they were all great. got a pretty good story to them. the characters are well developed from the very first episode which is hard to do for a new show, this is a credit to the writers on the show. you really feel for the characters that have been created. i\'m really hoping this show gets another season because i would be disappointed otherwise. one thing is i missed episode 4. is there any way i can see this ep? online or re-runs or something? Catch you all later
  • I really like the reality shown in this show. Not everyone is able to concieve. Not everyone has the perfect marriage. But, there are some things I'd change about this show.

    Barry Watson is so perfect for the role of Brian. The man, the bachelor. But I don't like the "open marriage" thing going on with Deena and Dave. I'm sure that some might think an "open marriage" is an option, but if it were up to me, just let them separate. If Deena isn't into Dave anymore, maybe she should just let go and go be with her single dad friend. Dave is stupid to give in to Deena.
    Whats up with Adam and Marjorie? That relationship is just wierd! Doctors and lawyers just don't mix!
    This show is really cool and has my attention more than Desprate Housewives! The characters are just more real. The fact the show is on so late at night is also nice. The kids don't interrupt me while I'm watching my "guilty pleasure" show!!!
  • Upbeat, fast-paced, light, funny...a nice show

    As I've already written in a couple of my reviews, the thing that gets me into shows most are diverse characters who all deal with with their own problems or with their own successes. What About Brian is again one of these shows; the chemistry between Brian and Marjorie was amazing, and there's a possibility to explore every other character further. This show thus has to possibility to grow a lot and attract a large audience. So, watch What About Brian, you won't be disappointed
  • themusic is what is catching my attention!

    So Last night I was so excited about the song while they were in the delivery room, it was amazing!! I have to say that this show really does do a great job withtheir sound track. Iwanted you all to know that JEREMY LARSON is amazing, he was singing in the episode last night.... so I found him on myspace if you want to check out my new passion...
  • So far so good.

    The pilot episode was pretty interesting (and a little drama-filled) with likable characters and a good central theme.

    What's real about Brian is that his character is believable and one can sympathize with his problem, because some of us have been there and have gone through the trials and errors of dating and falling for a best friend's love interest.
  • Previews point to something worth watching.

    What about life? What about this show? Well I'll tell you what about this show. The previews make it seem interesting. It might be interesting, since I enjoy these dramas about a loser character who becomes a winner. Exactly like my life. I was a loser loser. Now I'm slowly winning back my dignity one day at a time.
  • I am hooked since the first season. It is a modern version of Thirty Something. I liked Angelo & was not happy about his death, but tonights surprise twist with the new "hunky" nanny may be a very interesting angle. I hope he becomes a new love interest.

    THis show has it all, a great cast, just enough drama and subtle humor. It is a perfect show to sit and watch with your significant other at the end of the day. The characters have real problems, job losses, sick children and day to day struggles. Although I am over forty I still can relate to their same struggles, single parenthood, job struggles, relationship issues. I hope that the network keeps this around and doesn't let it flounder. It desrves a good following and I hoep they keep promoting it, I think it could become the new "thirty something"
  • This show is one of my \"do not miss\" shows. Though not very many people watch this show, the ones that do are in love with it! Guilty Pleasure and Do not Miss show of the week- this show is so good that I have never missed an episode.

    This show is so good. I love the way they portray each character, and how each character is going through a differnt problem but when they all get together, they try to make it seem liek everything is okay. The reason why I gave this show a 9/10 was that in the past few episodes of this season, Marjorie has not appreared. I think that she show was much better when the majpor conflict revolved around her, and I love the Marjorir-Brian relationship. Hopefully the producer\'s finish off this season when the two of them getting together. But there is still a lot of episodes left so you never know where the storyline will go. Where is Marjorie and why isn\'t she coming back for Brian? Did she leave Adam for Brian or because she didn\'t love Adam? Why did they kill off Angelo? Are Deena and Dave going to get through their marriage? Will Brian ever find another true love? Tune in to What About Brian to find out what happens int hese situations and much much more ;)
  • "From the producers of Lost and Alias and the screenwriter of City of Angels and For Love of the Game comes a contemporary, heartwarming ensemble show about a group of supportive friends in various stages of romantic relationships and friendships living i

    What can I say, I LOVE it! Ok, so it\'s just been 1 episode. I shouldn\'t really say that so early in the game, get my hopes so high and all, but... I don\'t know, maybe it\'s just the phase I\'m going through (more like my entire life, actually), but I really enjoyed the show, because I could relate to it and its premise: different stages of love, relationships and commitment, portrayed by different people who are all friends. Mostly, I relate to Brian... great guy, great friend, best man, romantic... and he can\'t seem to get past the single dating scene. Then, of course, I was married once and I don\'t look as good as Barry Watson (LOL), but hey, we got a LOT in common, believe me.
    Glad to see this genre looking so great again. It\'s got it all: drama, comedy, interesting twists, one night stands that turn into big problems, open marriage discussions, falling in love with your best friend\'s fiancée... jeez, can\'t wait for the next one! :)
  • Great stuff!

    What About Brian is on the same lines as other US comedy dramas such as Fraiser and Friends.When you see the adverts,you think it's just smug,pretty American actors woking with cheesy jokes.But you couldn't be more wrong!
    WAB is an engaging and superbly acted friendship drama.Each character's story feels important to you.This show can be very amusing,as Brian[amazingly portrayed by Barry Watson]screws up infront of his friends and those he's romantically involved with.
    Overall,What About Brian is a unmissable comedy-drama TV event
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