What About Brian

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • If the intention is to annoy viewers about Brian and Adam's puerile immaturity, aided and abetted by people who behave like 15 year olds in a school playground, you have succeeded. If not, do you really think this is a great life role model for people?

    Production is pretty good, and acting has to be pretty good to stir up such antipathetic feelings towards these two drongos who pass up any semblance of a mature relationship for more "Hey Jimmy" bimbos and a nymphomaniacs. Brian at 32 or thereabouts is persuasive as a gormless nobody with no future, Adam as a two-timing chancer with no redeeming characteristics that I can discerne.

    Are we going to see some sense out of all this? So far the principal plot could be played more convincingly by rabbits.

    Perhaps the best ending to this sorry saga would be if all the characters were simultaneously run over by a large bus.