What About Brian

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • BRING back What about Brian - can't understand why when you get a good show you don't give it a chance. You took off Commander and Cheif and now this. Who is making these decisions. Bring it back and October Road; Finally something worth watching

    I love What about Brian. It's funny, and dramatic, and warm, and entertaining. You need to bring it back. People can relate to these characters. It's one of those shows that take you away from the every day duldromes, and lifts you up. The characters are teriffic, the cast is wonderful. ENTERTAINING to say the least. Please bring it back. This is one worth watching, it's one of those feel good shows, and we need more of them and less of the violence and police shows. It's someting I could watch with my teenagers, and they enjoyed it as well. That is rare in of itself. Love this show.