What About Brian

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • What About Him

    What about him sticking what about in front of every episode title it's stupid yes we get it the show is called what about Brian it doesn't make it like friends or Seinfeld where every title started with the one with or the one where or just The utterly pointless. The real question is what about him, Brian is a smug git approaching middle age agonising over problems nobody could possibly care about, oh my god should i date this beautiful woman or the other one, should i get a real job or try to find myself co i'm a deep and serious not,as for his friends including the token black guy all are equally a bunch of insipid boring unoriginal cut and paste characters with problems that are either stupid or have been done before and done better on other shows. It is bad and should be binned total trash.

    The high score of 1.2 is purely because some of the women in have been truly attractive, the 1 is for them the .2 is for the show itself.
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