What About Brian

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • personal favorite, better every season. I am patiently awaiting its return. do they ever outright let you know if a show has been cancelled? you just wonder and leave it on your tivo auto record... just in case. When is it coming back?

    Waiting waiting waiting for its return. When is the new season going to start? They need to bring is back. The last espisode was not series finale -- in fact it wasn't even a season finale... what happend? i know it had viewers. Great show!!! I want "What About Brian" to return. Even my hubby liked this show. It is not one of the shows that he calls "teeny bopper- its okay to have sex as a teenager with whoever and evryone you want" shows. It is a real like , real experience show, only its not reality tv. It is a tv drama and a good one. It is a great show especially for those of us who grew up watching 90210. This is us now matured and still craving a great show with a great story line and not to many characters to follow. These characters are a tight group of family and friends, just like 90210, but they are older, out of college with kids (some of them. They are going through this like what we go through in our daily lives. Cheating, falling in love, rekindling the marriage, kids, just daily life in america with out the reality tv garbage. Just clean daily life in tv drama form. Absolutely wonderful-- now where did it go?