What About Brian

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • This was a great show. When is it coming back on? Please bring it back!!!!!!

    Fabulous Show!!!!!! It keeps you on your toes, looking forward to whats going to happen next. It leaves you waitng and looking forward to the next week to see what, when, and who's doing what to whom or with whom. Every episode is different, not the same repeat of the episode before. Its not like all the other shows out there. I've been waiting for its return. When is it coming back on for season 3 or is it? They have got to bring this back at least to finish the story line, instead of leaving everyone hanging on to.........nothing. Please bring this wonderful show back on the air and get rid of the stupid new shows like Pushing Daisies, and some of those other 30 minute shows that no one watches.