What About Brian

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • Great show on the wrong network.

    Ok, Another show that J.J. Abrams had a part in that was GREAT! Instead of the teens and the twenty-somethings, you had a show about thirty-somethings and it had a superb cast. This show's cast is what made the show so great. I really miss this show. The complete series is available on DVD, and I went out and bought it just to see the last 5 epsiodes that I missed. I found myself watching the entire series from the beginning becuase it was fun to watch the whole show again.

    Although it is over, I am glad I was able to at least see the last epsiodes. Too bad ABC dropped the ball with another J.J. Abrams show (Six Degrees). They didn't even bother putting that one on DVD. What is wrong with ABC? I feel as if all they want to produce are Sex and the city clones. They already have Desperate Housewives, and they butchered Grey's Anatomy's storylines too. Then came Dirty Sexy Money. Uggh. If it were not for LOST, I'd boycott ABC altoghter.
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