What About Brian

Season 1 Episode 5

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2006 on ABC

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  • Dave discovers Deena cheated on him, Marjorie interferes in Brian and Lisa's relationship.

    What a superb episode and fitting season finale.

    After last week's fun-filled episode within some drama, this episode is full of drama and soo, very sad.

    Great script and powerful acting. Dave's face and reation when he sees Deena enter Richard's apartment is perfect. SO is Adam's response and suggestion they'd have the right to kill Richard.

    Marjorie's visit to Lisa B was odd, it's was like checking out the compeition and Brian definitly has a point that she wants to keep him in love with her. I loved the brother-sister between between Nic and Brian and her advice that he talks to Dave made sense. It was soo very sad that Dave found out by overhearing Marjorie and Brian fighting.

    Fabulous season finale!

    I love this episode, it has the feeling of a season finale which is perfect. Dave's reaction to the possibility of Deena having an affair was so realistic so he embarks on a stakeout to follow Deena. Angelo is hilarious, especially in the car scene, my favourite character, with his stupid golfing hat! Nicole hides from Angelo that she's on fertility treatments even when he makes her promise to never keep secrets from each other. Brian's new girlfriend brings out Marjorie's jealous streak. Lisa B in my opinion was being unreasonable, Brian's commited to her and it was Marjorie who wanted to 'sort' things out. I liked the end where Brian and Marjorie were fighting and the camera zoomed out and Adam saw! Which is what led Dave to spot something wasnt right with Deena on the tape. Wicked season finale.
  • I seriously love this show.

    The last scene of this episode was amazing. Adam was the one who said that only lovers have arguments that heated and then to see Marjorie and Brian fighting like that. Oh My God! So amazing!

    But Dave and Deena! Nooooooo! She didn't sleep with him! And then Dave thinks he does and goes back to the video game girl. Bad! So very very bad!

    Plus any show where the women all try on wedding dresses is great.

    I am so glad this is coming back next year. ABC made the right choice. It's a great addition to the ABC line-up and seems to be doing well. Can't wait to see what happens in the fall!

    I love this show! Its the best show ever! please i need this show everyday and everyweek they need to air this show at least once a week. This show is better than any show on tv! This show is more real on relationships and the everyday life that it is real. I cant get enough of this show! Its the best show since will and grace! PLease air this show more often and more episodes
  • The show really explains they way alot of people feel. It really connects with you.

    I Loved it! It keeps you own the edge of yuor seat waiting to see what happens next! When we first started watching this episode my husband was switching between this and wrestling then he got in to it and quit switching back and fourth. When you can get my husband to quit watching wrestling you have really got something. There needs to be more advertising for it. Let more people know. I think it can be the number one show! I can't wait to see next season! Hopefully it will be even better then last season! I Love all the sexual tention.
  • all I can say is wow! what an episode!

    This season finale was fantastic and painfull, because the painfull parts are when Dave and the guys follow Deena around all day to only find out she is having an affair. I feel bad for Dave and also that is a heck of away to find that your wife is cheating on you and to see it first hand. I also felt bad for Brian, it is clearly that he and Marjorie are meant to be but. I didn\'t like how it ended, with Brian and Marjorie fighting so bad and Adam having to find out that way. I would like it if Brian and Marjorie could end up together but if not than let Brian end up with Lisa B. I really like her and Brian together they had chemistry and they seemed to fit really good together as a couple. I hope this show comes back because this is an exciting show to watch!
  • OMFG!!!! Wow what an episode.

    I really felt for Dave when he saw Deena go into that hotel room. I don't know how he was able to just drive away. I would have marched up there and kicked the living piss out of the guy. If he really did sleep with the girl from Leviathan I think he'll regret it. It just really does go to show how much honesty truly matters in a relationship. I don't know how I'm going to handle waiting for the new season to start. When Brian saw Marjorie in the wedding dress it was so sad. You can just tell there is this tension of romantic feelings between them. It's unfortunate that Adam had to find out in the way that he did but he needed to know something was going on between them. Bring back 'What About Brian'!!!
  • What a season finale!

    What a way to end a season. I thought this episode was great. I almost thought that Brian was going to faint when he saw Marjorie in her wedding dress. You could almost see the drool in the corners of his mouth. How painful it must be for him. And I wonder what Adam was thinking standing outside the window as Brian and Marjorie fought. I couldn't imagine having to follow my signicant other around all day to see what she/he is up to. How heartbreaking Dave must have felt seeing Deena with another man. But he doesn't know yet that she ended it. I wonder how far he will go the girl from his work. And hey, I liked Lisa B. She brought out a different side to Brian. I think she will be back. Secrets can be a horrible thing and man do these people have plenty.
  • The only thing I can say is: OH MY GOD!!!

    It was so exciting and I can't wait till next season (hope it comes back).
    All through the episodes I was hoping Deena would be the one to figure out hat the open marriage wasn't a good idea and she did, just a bit too late. Dave is confused because of what he saw, I wonder if he'll regret what he was going to do?
    Brian has to do what Nicole told him to; talk to Adam or let it go. Nicole has to be honest with Angelo. I really felt what he told Brian about losing another baby. It's hard and it's possible, but maybe he should tell Nicole about that.
    Marjorie was right about Brian picking the girls apart, he always sees the flaws. But Brian was also right that she keeps dropping ope that she will leave Adam. They have to work out there problems.
    I felt so sorry for Adam at the end, he probaly thought that Marjorie and Brian are having an affair behind is back, especially since he spent the whole day with Dave.

    I hope it comes back and ties the loose ends. It's a great show with great characters. They have flaws and they work through them. It's like everyday life.
  • GREAT episode; I don't want to wait until next season to find out what happens.

    I really hope this show is back next season. I love the characters and can relate so well with more than one of them. I think the reason this show is so good is because it is like real life. How are Dave and Deena going to repair their marriage? What is going to happen to Brian and Adam's friendship? I think Marjorie is right on about Brian, he picks everyone apart and would do the same with her, she's pretty smart to pick up on that. Brian isn't that different from a lot of people his age. I think he focuses on Marjorie to keep from falling in love and getting hurt. Maybe we'll find out next season.
  • A Great episode

    this is the 1st episode ive seen out of the 4 episodes that have been aired and this episode is great its exciting and the plot is kool and the actors are great as well so i recommend this episode for sure, i mean the fact that there all friends is kool im looking forward to seeing the next episode because this episode was great and i also disagree with who ever gave it a low score and they said that this episode was horrible i think that is a little dumb if you ask me, i mean what else do you exspect from an ABC show they always make classics
  • This was the first episode I have seen in the series.

    I am new to this series and I believe this is only episode four so I was open-minded.

    Soon I was bored. And it didn't get any better.

    Overall, the series is ran slow but hopefully the pace will pick up as we go along. I think starting the series now and having new episodes into the summer might help if the show gets better.

    Sarah Lancaster looks better as a blonde like she did in Everwood.

    The whole guys in the van and conversing seeming too much like an attempt to merge Seinfeld with Good Will Hunting. And it didn't work.

    The open-marriage plot was well, boring.

    The one good thing is that Barry Watson's character Brian in this series is better than what Matt Camden turned into in 7th Heaven.

    Unless I find out the rating are way up, I won't try to watch it again.