What About Brian

Season 1 Episode 4

The Importance of Being Brian

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 01, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brian spends most of the Saturday with Lisa B but his friends keep calling him.

    Fabulous and funny episode, easily the best of the series so far!

    When Brian spends most of the Saturday making love to Lisa B, in various locations and positions all over the house, he's too busy to answer the phone. His friends freak out cause they all wanted Brian to do something for them. Adam wanted some guy to guy time, Marjorie wanted to get their relationship back to normal, Nic needed support with her hormones and moodswings, Dave needed him to play Barney on his daughter's birthday party but brian was finally enjoying himself, a lot.

    The conversation between Brian and Lisa were great, as were the scenes of people desperately trying to contact Brian.

    The final scene with Dave watching the videotape was very sad...
  • This is show is really cute I like it so much more than 7th heaven lol. I\'m glad he left that show and I think the cast is great.

    The show was good and I think it may take some time for them to get veiwers but they will eventually I know it. I love the cast they work great together. I\'m not saying this show is going to win any awards but I like it so much more than 7th heaven and Everwood. I hope this show comes back for more seasons cause\' I think there\'s to many crime and suspense shows we need more shows like this. A show that isn\'t so complicated within the first episode like most of them out there right now. Thanks. Bye.
  • One word: Barney.

    This was a great roller-coaster of emotions for “What About Brian.” The final moments of the episode, when Dave realizes what’s on the video were heart-wrenching. To catch something like that when you’re just trying to tape your daughter’s birthday was so sad.

    And I really felt bad for Brain during this episode. He can’t be everything to everyone all the time. But he tries to and perhaps that is why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

    And all the messages! And all the sex! Wow!

    I like how Lisa kind of figured him out a little. His weird mannerisms and his quirky issues. It looks like we’re getting to the bottom of Brian’s “Brian-ness.”

    Although I felt bad for Dave at the end of the episode, he annoyed me throughout much of it. Why was he buying DVD’s and flirting with the video-game girl online when he should have been getting ready for the party? Shame on him.

    Although Deena wasn’t much better. Bad Deena!
    And Marjorie, Marjorie, Marjorie… when will you realize that you love Brian? You left him the most messages to talk about your ‘friendship” But really you love him. Just admit it and you’ll all be better off. And your last message basically ruined Brian’s chance of being with Lisa. Either get in there or go away!

  • Priceless!

    This episode was hilarious. Nic\'s mood swings were priceless. I can\'t believe the season is almost over already. It was nice to see Brian thinking about himself and doing what he wanted on his Saturday. When Lisa had gotten dressed when they planned on going out for brunch, she was talking about the walk of shame just like in Barry Watson\'s movie \'Sorority Boys\'.
  • awesome!!!!

    This show was the best show by far. I also liked how Brian did just something for himself instead of everyone else for a change. The only thing I don\'t care for this series is all the cheating going on in the open marriage thing all the time. I liked how there ws funny parts in there with Brian\'s sister with her mood swings, and Brian dresssed up in a dinosaur suit yelling at his friends for being upset with him and then he accidentally tosses his dinosaur head down stairs and the next thing you know the kids were screaming. I also hope this series comes back for another season because there has been so many good shows taken off the air, and I get tired of that, becaus eyou really get interested in a series then the next thing it is off the air or not showing anymore. I hate that!
  • Best episode so far...

    I thought this episode was so good. I liked how it brought in some really funny moments (ie when Brian's wearing dino costume and was yelling) but also brought in that dramatic twist when Dave sees the video of Deana and Richard and he realizes what's going on. I like dhow Brian finally got some time to himself, though all his friends were so mad at him, he was living his life. I'm very excited for next week's season finale, let's just hope it's only season finale and that they will bring it back next season. I really enjoy this show and I think it just needs a little more time to get more people watching. I LOVE this show, let's make sure it stays on.