What About Brian

Season 1 Episode 2

Two in Twenty-Four

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brian is set up with Lisa and also meets her roommate Lisa.

    Good, solid second episode. The relationships of the friends are still working, particularly the brother-sister thing. I thought that was done pretty well, including the clinic/phone scene. Brian calling while in such a location was hilarious and, depending on the relationship something that a real brother might do to his brother-in-law.

    The open marriage thing is clearly not working, though she certainly has opportunities. Yoga instructor, fellow single parent, none seem to work out for her.

    Dave and Marjorie, hhhmmmmm, I'm not sure that will work, he doesn't seem ready to commit and she is clearly still thinking about Brian's declation of love...
  • Another good episode.

    Another good episode.
    Barry Watson manages to carry the series both with his likeabilty and good looks quite effectively. I really like Brian.You can clearly see him as every guys best friend and every girls potential boyfriend...the guy everybody likes. I too liked the second Lisa B more so than the first and you could actually see a "chemistry" between her and Brian right from their original humorous bathroom meeting. I am hoping she stays around for a while as I like to think Brian is more the kind of guy who is looking for something meaningful as opposed to the "2 in 24" mentality that Adam has ( a guy who says "hey, I'm not married yet"...I'm concerned for Marjorie).
    I am of course still hoping for Brian and Marjorie down the road,you could tell despite her trying to fix up BRian with the first LIsa that she has feelings for him...the DVD gift was a nice touch. In the meantime Lisa B seems good for him. Also like that despite his bad encounter with the -Girlfriend from hell in the first episode, that he got to keep the little dog as his own...the ending of this episode was cute with him and the dog eating take out in bed.
    I too am not too crazy about the -open marriage- storyline for Deana and Dave...you can already tell where things are heading with Deana and the divorced Dad (chemistry developing..not a good thing). Hopefully I am wrong but that is pretty much the problem with open relationships when feelings start to come into play and it will definitely jeopardize their marriage.Didn't like where later Dave had two glasses of milk and attempts to become amorous with Deana and she just blows him off saying the moment had passed...the guy clearly loves her very much but for whatever reason, she has lost the spark in their marriage.
    The Nic and Angelo storyline wasn't overly interesting this eps with the exception of the humor in Angelo's visit to the fertilty clinic. Not sure why Nic got upset with him later that night as he seems devoted to her and willing to try just about anything. Hopefully things with them will get more interesting in future episodes.
    All in all, I enjoyed the episode and am definitely looking forward to more. I hope ABC gives this show a half decent chance...it really deserves it.
  • Brian meets Lisa and Lisa.

    After Marjorie introduces Brian to Lisa he ends up spending the night at Lisa's house. The next morning while in the shower he meets Lisa's room mate Lisa.
    He decides that the second Lisa is someone he would prefer to date and plans to show up at club where she would be.

    Nicole and her husband try to have a baby after her miscarriage.

    Adam and Marjorie argue over wedding plans. He then makes it up to her by coming home early with Bridal magazines to help plan their wedding.

    Dave is still struggling over Deena wanting to have an open marriage.

    I really like this show, and hope that it is doing well enough to get picked up for another season.

  • Difficult to follow a really good Pilot episode.

    Marjorie sets Brian up with Lisa. They double date, but nothing exciting happened. Lisa is kind of dull and a step down from Marjorie.

    Deena contemplates her open marriage and is willing to persue it. She meets a divorced dad and they have a good time. While Dave tries to do the same, but he gets shot down quite a few times.

    The morning after Brian\'s date, he runs into Lisa\'s more interesting roommate, Lisa B. They seem to have chemistry.

    Angelo goes to a sperm clinic and has difficulty producing results. He tells Nic that he doesn\'t really care for having kids, but she isn\'t all right with that.

    Marjorie and Adam are planning the wedding, but Adam doesn\'t want to settle down.

    Brian, Dave, and Adam goes to a club so that Brian could spend some time with Lisa B. Dave tries his luck, but the club scene isn\'t really his thing. Meanwhile Adam has a pretty good time. Brian finds Lisa B. and they end up in bed together, but nothing will ever happen with them because Lisa B. feels uncomfortable with dating her roommate\'s guy.

    This episode is kind of a disappointment after seeing the Pilot because the Pilot was pretty good. The actors are probably still trying to figure out their roles and adjusting. It\'ll take some time before they settle. So let\'s see how the rest of the season is played out.
  • After a good pilot there's always the possiblity that the first real episode will tank. With "What About Brian" things look good for the future.

    In the second episode of “What About Brian” we see that it more than a one-hit wonder as the characters continue to develop and you get more attached to their plight.

    Poor Nicole and Angelo as they have difficulty trying to have a baby. Going to a sperm bank was hilarious (especially Angelo in his underwear and Nicole having to help him over the phone to leave his sample). There is obviously a loving relationship between the two. And it looks like we’ll be able to see more of the Nicole and Brian brother/sister dynamic as the show goes on.

    Dave and Deanna are painful to watch because as much as they say that they want to try this open marriage thing, it’s obvious that neither one actually wants to do it. Dave couldn’t step up at the club, and Deanna had two chances with the yoga instructor and the hot dad and didn’t take them. There is a love there that cheating won’t help.

    Marjorie and Adam continue to frustrate me because you know they shouldn’t be together. He looks at other women and doesn’t treat her well and she obviously has feelings for Brian. Yet we’ll wait forever for these two to break up so Marjorie and Brian can be together.

    And I loved the storyline with Brian and the two Lisa’s. The first Lisa was so shallow (with her obsession with lip-gloss) and the second one would have been perfect had he only met her first. Poor Brian can’t have any girl he wants. (And he didn’t try for the two in twenty-four as Adam wanted him to so I still have some respect for him. Hopefully he’ll have more luck in the future, and hopefully this show will have a good run.
  • The second episode was good enough to carry me into next week. As I previously stated, if I can stay awake long enough, I will surely be that for episode number three.

    The second show was a total reversal of the pilot. In the previous week, Brian was the only person with vast issues and all his friends seemed to have their acts together. However, in episode number two Brian decides to start taking matters into his own hands, while at the same time we get a closer look into the lives and personal matters in each of his friends busy lives and find out that they're not at all what we thought them to be in the first episode. Brian doesn't seem to be the one who needs the help that they all wish to give him. On the contrary, Brian now seems to be more established than any of his friends even though he is the only single person left in their small group. One now begins to question his friends motives in wanting Brian to be married. Is it really what they think would be best for him, or do they merely want him set asail in the same boat as they are finding themselves in? I can't wait until next week.
  • Great episode!

    Another great episode well written except that open marriage don't get me wrong everyone has their own opinions about that but I just believe that a marriage should be with 2 people only. I really liked the second Lisa B opposed to the first Lisa that Brian was with. like I said I would love to see Brian end up with Marjorie but if not at least for right now the Second Lisa which is Lisa B, it would be great to see Brian end up with her. I mean the first Lisa was ok but she told Marjorie that she is not sure she would go out with him again, and Lisa B. seem to really like him but didn't want to end up hurting her roomate Lisa.