What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 17

What About All That Glitters…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2007 on ABC

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  • Brian and Dave have to work on their relationship now that Brian is Dave's boss.

    Great episode with lots of character development and a wonderful guest star in Meredith Baxter. I've always been a fan and admirer of her, so it was great to see her again, and in a role that suits her too.

    Dave and Brian have to slightly redefine their friendship now that Brian has been appointed Dave's boss but with some struggling to work things out between them.

    Adam and Nic have to come to grips with the fact they slept together. They both make some comments to throw their friends off the scent, but they do manage to find it out. After finally bein invited at Ivy and Jimmy, the gang discovers that Ivy used to be child tv star, much to her dismay...
  • Great Solid Episode

    This was a good solid episode. This cast works with each other. Relationships are believable. I don't really feel the show is really "what about brian" but every show should evolve as this one has. It's done with its growing spurts and its coming into its own.
    Deena and Dave: Happy to see them working things out. When Baxter (how nice was it to see her in a sitcom again) told Dave Deena had outgrown her, I growned. Judging from next week's summary, they might drag this "should we/shouldn't we" a little further but, honestly, it's a good storyline and seemingly realistic. I've seen couples go through the same things...well maybe not the "let's have an open relationship" thing but the "let's find our way back to each other thing."
    Brian and Dave: They are better together but it's nice to see Brian start to play the "adult."
    Nicole and Adam: A little weird but who hasn't made a mistake.
    Really nice about this episode was the character development of the bar maiden. Her and her husband were new additions to the cast but they've balanced the group and it's nice to see them get a bit more time and development...they're not just there as fillers or supporting anymore.
  • This epi was like a way dialed down Melrose Place.

    For instance, Adam and Nicole are a perfect example of a one-night stand done wrong, with a friend. Nicole tells the 'girls' that Adam was just ok, and nearly breaks Adam's little heart. They both agree not to go down that road again, and by the end of the show, Adam's making out with Tiffani Amber Thiessen's character on her desk. Meanwhile-Brian's downstairs neighbor won't step up and make her love for Bri known-so she loses out. Stephanie takes newly single Brian to a movie premiere and ends up kissing him on TV, which devestates Laura. Deena's lesbian Mom comes to town, somewhat on a mission to convert her daughter's choice in lovers, and she completely takes over and freaks out when Deena tells her Dave and she are together. And, surprise/surprise- Ms. cynical, Ivy, was a child star, and is quite wealthy. Everything works out for them in the end-but will Laura ever speak up for herself-that remains to be seen.
  • Review

    This episode was pretty good, nothing amazing and nothing really too boring. Start off with the Brian - Stephanie - and Laura triangle that seems to have temporarily bounced Stephanies way for the time being. I really dont feel the on screen connection between Brian and Stephanie, whereas I think Laura and Brian make a great on screen connection. Over to the other interesting storyline of Adam who has settled his "problem" with Nicole which wraps up that mellow storyline and has his sights set on Natasha. I think this episode was just a little tease about whats to come in the future, so I was glad to see that storyline start up. The random scenes with Dave and one of Deenas old lovers was kind of random and unneeded I thought. I think something with that man is going to come out in this next couple of episodes that may tear apart Deena and Dave one more time, but there random moments in this episode together were very well done. The Ivy - Jimmie part to this episode was too random for me. I didnt see the big secret nor didnt I particualy find it very interesting.
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