What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 5

What About Angelo's Ashes...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on ABC

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  • Angelo's Funeral

    Another sad episode, everything seems to be falling apart. Zapmonkey goes bust, Deena and Dave argue, make up, argue, Nic has to deal woth Angelo's funeral, Adam has to deal with the fact that he didn't become a partner...

    A pretty sad episode all in all with great acting. I love the sister-brother relationship between Nic and Brian, I think it's written in a very life-like way and both Rosanna and Barry do a great job of making this a real, genuine relationship.

    I also like Heather, a lot more than I ever liked Marjorie, so it will be interesting to see how that relationship develops further...
  • Review

    I thought this was a mini-mid season finale in a way. Everyone is trying to get over the death of Angelo, Nicoles husband. In doing so most of the complex storylines that we have been following have been wrapped up for now. Adam has started seeing Heather and the two actually shared a kiss at the beach. It seems that Adam has moved on past Marjorie for the time being, who is once again left out of the episode. Dave and Brians company has gone down the toilet, but both have recieved jobs and look to be "moving on" and "growing up" as they both put it. Nicole is dealing with her husbands death. During the first couple of parts of the epiosde she handeled it well, but lost it more and more as time went on. Dave and his wife seemed to have found love again, as they shared a moment after talks of divorce. Every loose end seems to be tied up right now, which should make for some interesting drama in the episodes to follow.
  • What About Angelo's Ashes. How they all deal with the loss of Angelo and how each puts their own personal view on how life is too short and we must make changes and take chances and look at what used to be really important to us.

    This episode was so touching. The relationship between sister and brother and their family pains. All of them are true friends. I love watching What About Brian. Every epidsode I have a laugh, a heart wrench, and a good feeling of true family and friendships. Keep watching guys. This show needs to be watched for a long time to come. Car girl really gives me a chuckle and the look on Brian\'s face as if to say, \"did she really say that\", it\'s hilarious. Brian is such a good person really. He listens to his inner-self and works his problems out facing them head on. The whole clan are close and is worth watching, each single one of them are interesting. Amanda Foreman \"Ivy\", I loved her in Felicity (one of my all time favs), I\'m glad to see her again.