What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 19

What About Calling All Friends...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2007 on ABC

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  • Deena and Dave renew their vows but have a little trouble before they do. Nicole has to run the shop by herself so she calls Ivory and jimmy and ruins Ivory day. Adam and Brian have to watch Deena and Dave's kids.

    I loved this episode. I will be so mad if it is the series finale though. I really want to know what Brian will say to Laura. I love those two together soooo much. I was happy that Dave and Deena renewed their rows. I'm glad they did it in front of all their friends. This episode made me like the show even more. Their are so many possibilities they have for a third season. I also like that Nicole had to run the store by herself. This episode was funny, sad, cute..i just loved it. We need a third season now!!!
  • definitely NOT a proper series finale... left me waiting for much more...

    it's been over 6 months since I watched the episode and I just realized that the show won't have a 3rd season... they left everything up in the air.. and moreover they left our favorite character (Brian) confused/single... Also, I'd really like to find out what these people making decisions about these shows are smoking... I mean What About Brian was a REALLY good show... and they could have still taken the show in so many different directions... why end it when you can do so much with it?! that's just WRONG... I guess I just don't (and WON'T) understand this tendency to cancel shows that are actually good... but then again who does?... im sure everyone's favorite show gets canceled at some point... but i must say the only other shows that I was this upset about ending were Felicity and Veronica Mars, when they ended... and i must say... it's just wrong...
  • The End Is Not Near, Its Here...

    The series finale of What About Brian was like any typical episode but funnier and it was really good until the last minute when Brian knocks on Laura's door and says: We need to talk! Now if this were the season finale, then it would have been a great cliffhanger but now I wanna know if he's dumping that blonde chic (Stephanie) or choosing her, if they had left it with everyone standing around the fire after the wedding vows it would have been THE END!!! Dave & Deena trying to take a secret trip to renew their wedding vows was the best plotline throughout the whole episode.
  • The end...

    Well, Dave and Deena, after much trouble renew their vows in the presence of all their friends and their children. This storyline at least came to a happy end, which was nice and sweet.

    Laura, with a little help from Natasha, expressed her feelings to Brian who seems torn between the two roommates. Stephanie manages to lose Deena's kids and Laura comes to the rescue, still, Brian goes home with Stephanie, but, as a final cliffhanger, he knock on Laura's door to talk.

    Adam and Natasha amend their casual relationship into an exclusive one, after Natasha admits to him that she's actually feeling jealous...
  • Awesome.

    One of the best shows on television. Series final lived up to my expectations in a big way. Left it open for a big 3rd Season. I really think this show is underrated. I got into this quicker than Friends. I think there is more feeling in this show, its alot more visceral. The characters are developing well. Hopefully Brian chooses Laura over Stephanie. Its looking more like that. Laura is such a better choice. Stephanie loves herself a bit too much. And Laura is 100 times better looking than Stephanie anyway. Blonde chicks are boring.
    I think Season 3 will be the best yet. Let’s keep hoping the powers that be will see that this show can seriously go places.
  • An average show, I was expecting more from the season finale.

    Being that this was the season finale, I was expecting more excitement and development and answers. I did like how Deena and Dave renewed their vows and finally told everyone they were together; it got a couple tears out of me. That Brian, he is just crazy! Why can't he just pick one girl? I think he is a good match for that girl at the end (I can't think of her name at the moment). I really hope that there is another season because this just was not a good ending to the show. I would like to see Marjorie again and see what she is up to and bring her back into the plotline. Please make a third season!
  • Review

    If it was a season finale it was really well done, if this is the end of the series I feel that I will have wasted my time watching 24 episodes of this show. This show is great and even without Marjorie I still feel a connection with it. The only thing that viewers can ever ask for in a television show is closure and we do not have that with this show - not even close. Deena and Dave’s storyline was great as I viewed it in three different stages. Comical > Sexual > Romantic. I thought there scenes together this season were a little too repetitive, but the writers got it together for the finale. It seems pretty clear at the end of the episode that Brian has chosen Laura over Stephanie, something that is sure to be explained in further detail if there is a season 3. Natasha and Adam are going to give it a shot, Ivy and Jimmy seem to be pretty good, and Nicole seems to be fine with where she is. I really think that a five episode run in season 3 (similar to season 1) is all this show needs to fully give us viewers a conclusion we are satisfied with. Let’s hope and pray that ABC doesn’t let us down and gives us some kind of a conclusion to this storyline that is not finished yet...
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