What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 3

What About Denial...

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on ABC

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  • Brian and Adam try to work things out

    What a bittersweet episode. I loved that, at the end, Brian and Adam are talking again, genuinely talking instead of blaming each other and fighting. I hope their friendship survives this, like they agreed never to let a girl come between them, yet Marjorie did. I wonder what will happen to Marjorie, will she really move, leave the show ??? I'll have to watch future episodes.

    I really do blame Deena for the break-up. She suggested an open marriage, yet now she blames Dave for Susan, even though she had her fling with Richard. Given that Raoul is not in the credits, I guess Nic will be a single mum...
  • Right about here is when What About Brian went crap

    First and foremost I want to say that What About Brian was an awesome TV show... right up until this particular episode.
    After the Marjorie storyline dried up it had nothing to sustain it. And when Brian started working for his Dad and Summer and Adam got married well it was just the biggest load of crap. Now it's just another predictable show. And another think what happened to the awesome soundtrack?
    The inital reason why I watched the show is because it had a Who song in the promo and then in the first couple of episodes had Colin HAy, but now it's terrible.
    Whatever happened to WAB? It's gone now I won't watch it anymore and this was the last episode that I enjoyed.
    Sorry fans.
  • Review

    A lotof things happened in this episode that I suspected to be nothing but a filler episode. The lack of a Marjorie in this episode was good for the shwo I think. Having her considering moving to another city and letting the rest of the drama work itself out was one of the smarter moves I think the writers could have made. I thought the breakup between Dave and Deena came a little early in the season, but that should make for some good drama as no doubt Dave will simply hook up with Adam or Brian for a short while. I thought the ending of the episode and all of the fights leading up to the "understanding" was really well written. For never have watched this show before I think the first three episodes of the season have been really good so far. Im wondering what role Marjorie will play in the rest of the season, I find it hard to believe that shes just going to be written out of the show- who knows though
  • What About Denial

    Overall this was a good episode. I just knew that when Dave got that bottle and card that it wasn't from Suzanne. It's hard to feel sorry for Deena though because she came up with the idea to have an open marriage in the first place. She can't blame Dave for then starting up a relationship with another woman and having troubles ending it when she all of a sudden decides she doesn't want an open marriage. But at the same time Dave did seem to cross a line. It was sad when Marjorie went to see Adam. I wonder if the writers will have her regretting her decision not to marry him. Because it doesn't seem as if she chose Brian either and that's what Season One was all about. It should be interesting to see what they end up doing with Angelo's character. I will be tuned in next week and ever week after that!