What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 14

What About Finding Your Place…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on ABC

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  • Dave moves back home with Deena after deciding to give Brian and Bridget some space.

    Good solid episode with some fun moments. This episode introduced a new lead-in without the Marjorie character and with the Ivy and Jimmy characters. Long overdue in my opinion, so that was great.

    I liked how the guys took Adam to a gay bar so as not to endanger his vow of celibacy. I like that Nicole is finally showing some interest in life besides Bella and it will be interesting to see if and what happens between her and Jamie.
    Brian really does seem to like Bridget and is making some efforts to keep their relationship going. Fortunately, the same seems to be true of Bridget, so this could go places...
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    I thought the very beginning of the episode was interesting, with the show getting a new opening scene that effectivly said that Marjorie was going to be no more. I think its for the best, though I must say Adams role in the show has now grown boring to watch. I think the only real plotline that I think is keeping the show interesting to watch is the Brian and Bridget relationship. They fought a lot in this episode, but everything seems to be on the right track now. Deena and Daves plan to move back in together would have been more exciting had they actually wanted to be with one another, but nothing really entertaining happening with that storyline either. And finnaly Nicoles storyline seems to be getting interesting, since she is obviously thinking about start new again - seems like shes all ready started. Pretty much a filler episode but...we'll see
  • Good as it gets.

    Let's face it, none of us are under the impression that WAB is the greatest show under the sun. It's a slightly more manly soap opera, but the characters bring it together and above the lowly ranks of Soap, don't they? And as long as we're not comparing this show to the few greats that are gracing the silver screen at the moment, it's not too overly difficult to give the latest episode a perfect score.

    This episode had a little bit of everything, didn't it? Stacey Kebler (no relation to the elf), Brian and Ginger's big fight on their big night (didn't even try; the rhyme just happened), and the surgery of one of Dave's daughter's... not to mention the gay bar and all the guys watching 'The Notebook' (two moments of pure comedy genius).

    Adam's vow of celebacy, his eventual replacement of a secretary, and his inappropriate scouring of his boss' office brought him to the forefront of the episode. And neither character nor actor failed to deliver. Good stuff. Some of my favorite moments throughout the show come when each couple starts fighting over not necessarily the same thing, but at the same time. And that came about at the would be dinner party and it played out beautifully, I thought. And though I always find myself rooting against the Binger relationship (that's right, I coined that :D), by the end of the episodes, I'm usually pretty content that they've worked things out, even though I'm still pulling for a return of Marjorie to the world of Brian (which I'm going to call Mrian for the sake of simplicity). So, given everything that happened in the episode, it's one of my favorites thus far. We have slight implications that Dave and Dina may get back together (though falsely, I suspect) and we have a lot to look forward to next week, apparently. This has me pretty happy with the state of the show.
  • People lose jobs, some take vows, and others are willing to take a chance to find love again.

    Another episode in the twisted fate of these friends. They all seem to have their own quirks within their relationships that help another one in their group find their way in their own relationship. This episode centers itself mainly about finding who you are and trying to find out where you belong in the world, and in your own relationships. The movie also has a focus on the ever popular movie among the ladies, The Notebook. Brian and his girl lose their jobs while his dad flees the country. To top it all off Adam takes a vow of celibacy and to try to make partner.
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