What About Brian

Season 2 Episode 7

What About First Steps…

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2006 on ABC

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  • Adam and Heather are becoming used to the idea of marriage.

    Average episode mainly because of the Dave and Nic storylines. They deperately need some new and exciting storylines that do not focus on their past but move them forward towards new pastures and new adventures.

    Wasn't too thrilled about Deena's storyline, but at least she's moving forward contrary to Dave who's still stuck in a relationship slump.

    Loved the Adam and Heather storyline. I thought it was funny and well-written and actually quite convincing, considering the premise, their quick marriage.

    I also liked the rivalry and flying sparks between Brian and his new colleague / mentor. I hope that their relationship is developed further.
  • I love this program, it is the highlight of my week and the only show I can truly say I even look forward to watching! Every episode keeps you looking forward to the next and is well worth watching! I hope it airs for along time to come.

    I love this program, it is the highlight of my week and the only show I can truly say I even look forward to watching! Every episode keeps you looking forward to the next and is well worth watching! I hope it airs for along time to come. I could sit and watch this program for longer than an hour, it just keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The writers of this show keep it very interesting and wanting more. I really enjoy it.
    Keep up the good work and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Review

    I dont know why everyone was so critical about this episode, I thought it had a lot of good moments. The "relationship" between Adam and Heather was interesting to watch as they found out that they really do "love" each other as they tried to get the marraige taken away and couldnt go through with it. Its amazing to think of how much Adam has changed since the beginning of this season, going from Marjorie straight into Heather. I also thought that the Bridget - Brian hook up was interesting too. While it may not ever get serious like we all were hoping, it was still cool to see them on the same page for a change. The rest of the storylines have in fact gotten old. Deenas bake sale, Daves loneliness, and Nicoles depression have all taken up their 15 minutes of fame and I hope they get some new storylines in the episodes to come.
  • Nothing too exciting happened, this was the worst episode so far...

    Now I love this show, I love the characters and I love the whole story, but this episode which they made us wait a couple of weeks for was very disappointing. I expected to see a more interesting storyline from Adam and Heather their story just put me to sleep. And Brian with Bridget, YUCK!!! Deana is on my last nerve, just like last time, she is ready to throw everything away for some random dude. I know she and Dave are separated but they really should get back together and she seemed like she wanted to get back together until this TK guy came around, now she is pushing Dave to date other people, then what when he dates someone he likes she will act all hurt and pissy. She needs to get over herself. I'm really curious as to where they are going to take this show, hopefully it will pull itself out of its rut, but judging from the previews for next week, it doesnt look very promising.
  • Sadly, this show is going down.

    I really try to like What About Brian, but it's hard when the writers keep write stupid and silly scripts. The first season was excellent and this series became fast one of my favorites. When i heard this show was renewed despite the low ratings i jumped up and down several time, i was that excited. And yeah, when the show got back it fulfill all of my expectations to the fullest. For three-four episodes, than something happened and all the interest i have put down in the series was gone. This series is just getting poorer and poorer. And that's sad, cause i really try to make peace with "What About Brian". And that is what it's all about. The original premise is long gone, and this show is more about Deenas cupcake business, Nicoles grief to Angelos death and Adams relation with the stripper than Brians life and stories. And i can't stop asking myself; what about Brian?

    And all those plots I've just mention (and those i didn't) isn't very intriguing at all. This shows really needs ideas and that's fast, i don't really cares anymore if they cancel What About Brian, and that was my worst nightmare (a bit of an exaggeration) six months ago.
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